Bluetooth 5.0/12 hour battery life and price within 100 yuan (USD $14) redmi airdots 2 Evaluation

With the wave of wireless, Bluetooth headset has become a hot electronic product in the past two years. It gets rid of the shackles of wire, and it is more free to wear, but also more portable. It solves the problem that every time you listen to music, you have to sort out the wire first, so it is rapidly popularized.

&Recently, redmi has updated the latest Bluetooth headset redmi airdots 2, which brings Bluetooth 5.0, 12 hour long endurance, voice control and 99.9 yuan (USD $14) price. Let’s take a look at the product strength.

&Look and feel

&There is nothing to introduce in terms of appearance. At present, there is only one black color matching. It is worth mentioning that the in ear design is adopted. Of course, don’t expect noise reduction at this price. Whether the noise reduction effect is good depends on whether the plug is tight or not.

&Redmi airdots 2 adopts the style of earphone beans. Although it is in ear design, it is not particularly tight in terms of wearing feeling, so it is not suitable for sports wear.

  what needs to be Tucao is that, for cost consideration, Redmi AirDots 2 still uses UBS interface, and it takes a long time to find a UBS line when charging. It is really not necessary to make complaints about the 2020 line.

&Redmi airdots 2 has a single ear weight of 4.1G, which is quite good in weight control. However, if you wear it for a long time, you will still feel uncomfortable. This is basically a common problem with in ear earphones.

&Fast connection, seamless switching between one ear and two ears

&Redmi airdots 2 is upgraded to Bluetooth 5.0. The most intuitive advantage is faster and more stable connection. From the actual experience, it is different from the ordinary Bluetooth headset by pressing the button on the charging box for adaptation. Because there is no button in the redmi airdots 2 headset box, the headset is automatically turned on when it is removed, and the Bluetooth device can be directly connected by searching the Bluetooth device in the mobile phone.

&The connection can be judged by the small light on the earphone. Take out the white light to prove that it is connected, and put it back into the charging box to light the red light to prove that it has been disconnected.

&Another big upgrade is that redmi airdots 2 is not limited to master-slave devices this time, which means that both single and double can be used. Even if one earplug is removed, the other can still be used as usual. For careless friends, losing one is not a big problem.

&However, redmi airdots 2 does not support taking an order, just pause the music and continue wearing the music again. Even if both headphones are removed, the music will continue to play. At this time, you need to manually operate on the mobile phone.

&As mentioned earlier, redmi airdots 2 headset box has no button. What if you want to reset it? Redmi’s choice is to put the button on the headset. This design can be seen in almost all Bluetooth headsets. Music can be suspended / played by touching the headset.

&However, the anti-human feature of redmi airdots 2 is that, like the previous generation, the buttons are mechanical. This design means that when you want to control the phone music, voice assistant and other operations through the headset, you have to wait and press hard.

  If it is placed on other devices, it should not be a problem, but this is a kind of earphone, and it is in ear type. This kind of hard pressing will cause a very strong sense of pressure on the ear, and the sound generated by pressing will be close to the ear, so it will be transmitted to the ear like a loudspeaker. It is very loud. The only way is to take off the headset and operate it. I believe that when you use this function once I don’t want to use it any more. I’d better take out my mobile phone.

&Of course, the advantage is that it can prevent accidental touch. It is worth mentioning that in addition to single press to pause / play music and double press voice assistant, pressing three times in a row can open the game mode. However, there is no prompt on the mobile phone after opening, so the game delay will still exist. However, to an acceptable extent, it is basically enough to play.

&7.2mm generating unit and 12 hour endurance

&In terms of sound, redmi airdots 2 is equipped with a 7.2mm sound unit, which is not large, but considering the price, it is reasonable to think about it. Redmi airdots 2 has full bass, but hard treble. It is suitable for users who don’t have high demand for sound. Referring to the price of 99.9, it is already very popular.

&In addition, redmi airdots 2 is equipped with DSP intelligent environment noise reduction technology, which is mainly used to eliminate the surrounding environment sound when calling, so as to make the conversation clearer.

&In terms of service life, redmi airdots 2 single headset can be used for about 4 hours, and can be used for 12 hours with a charging box. If you use it for commuting for 2 hours a day, it can basically reach the charging state on Monday.

&Conclusion: before evaluating redmi airdots 2, the price of 99.9 yuan (USD $14) should be taken into account. At this time, many unreasonable designs may have an understanding. But even so, such as mechanical press design is really chicken ribs, can only hope that the next generation of products can be improved. On the whole, redmi airdots 2 is a TWS headset that is very worthwhile to start with within 100 yuan (USD $14) .