BMW begins to compete for “second half” 17 products in 2020

Each car company has released new plans one after another, starting a new battle in the new year with more and more challenges.

On January 14, BMW revealed its new car plan for 2020. As the third key year of the second phase of BMW’s “global first strategy”, 2020 is still BMW’s product year. BMW will accelerate the launch of 17 new products to the Chinese market, and call 2020 its “year of new energy vehicles” and “year of brand”;.

According to the schedule given by BMW, the new energy product offensive of “the first strategy” starts in the first quarter, including the BMW 5 Series plug-in hybrid mileage upgrade, the new BMW X5 plug-in hybrid and the BMW I8 polar nightstar limited edition with a pure electric range of 95 km.

As BMW’s first pure electric vehicle put into production in China, the pure electric BMW ix3 will be put into production and listed within this year, and will be exported to the global market from China. And the BMW ix3 will become the first BMW model to provide diesel, gasoline, plug-in hybrid and pure electric drive systems at the same time. Its production and export will further consolidate the advantages of BMW Brilliance in the field of new energy vehicles.

By the end of 2020, BMW will provide a new energy vehicle product line-up consisting of six model series, including two pure electric vehicles (I3, ix3) and four plug-in hybrid models (x1, X5, 5 Series plug-in hybrid version, and I8).

It is understood that the “year of BMW new energy vehicles” in 2020 will lay a good market foundation for the launch of next and I4. With the launch of many new energy models, charging network service will also accelerate the construction. By 2020, there will be 250 thousand charging piles in 300 cities, including 70 thousand DC charging piles.

In addition, M model is expected to become an important model in 2020 to build the “year of brand”. The new BMW X5M and X6M will be launched in the middle of this year, adding the existing array of the new BMW X3M and x4m; the launch of the new M5 and the new M8 four door coupe will further enrich the highly personalized M model array.

After taking charge of BMW Greater China, in 2019, the strategy of “2 + 4 & rdquo”; by Gao Leyu, President of BMW Greater China, opened a new chapter of BMW’s market development in China. He stressed that in 2020, the company will continue to promote the implementation of the strategy and establish a complete R & D, production, service and network.

According to the data released by the China Automobile Association recently, China’s automobile production and sales volume have declined again in 2019. Gao Le said that the macro environment in 2020 may last for 2019 or be more challenging, but the market foundation is still stable, and we still have a positive attitude towards the long-term performance forecast. ”

In November 2019, the joint venture of BMW Group and great wall motor was officially launched. Gao Le revealed that after the foundation ceremony in November, the registration process of beamcar had been completed and the business license had been obtained on December 30, 2019. He also said that in addition to expanding and building the joint venture, BMW Group will increase its investment in the Chinese market through BMW (China) Investment Co., Ltd., which is registered in Beijing.

At the same time, he also acknowledged that driven by new laws and regulations, new technologies, new demands and new competition, the automobile market is becoming more and more challenging. He used “the second half of the game” to describe the automobile market today, and thought that the biggest problem for automobile enterprises is how to keep winning. In his opinion, BMW Group has a lot of experience in the hardness and complexity of car building, and has a strong system capability, which is BMW’s core competitiveness, and the second half will also be a new stage.