Bosch, Ford and real estate developer Bedrock unveil automatic valet parking technology in Detroit

At the end of August, Bosch joined hands with Ford Motor and real estate developer Bedrock to demonstrate an automatic valet parking demonstration project. With the intelligent infrastructure provided by Bosch, the Ford Escape Connected Test Vehicle will realize autonomous driving and valet parking in Bedrock’s Assembly garage in Detroit. This is the first automated valet parking solution based on field terminals in the United States.

Relevant research will be carried out in Ford’s new smart mobility innovation park in Corktown. The park is adjacent to Michigan Central Station, attracting innovative talents from all over the world in the field of intelligent transportation to develop, test and launch new solutions here. Together, they are committed to solving the challenges faced by urban transportation, enabling more people to enjoy the convenience brought by intelligent transportation, and creating a more interconnected and automated future.

Ken Washington, Ford’s Chief Technology Officer, pointed out: “We are always looking for opportunities to expand Ford’s advanced Co-Pilot360 intelligent driving assistance system to make it easier for people to drive. We believe that automated valet parking technology can do a lot. At the same time, Ford The cooperation with Bosch and Bedrock is also in line with our vision for the future, which includes increasing the degree of automation of vehicles. These vehicles can better perceive the surrounding environment, while reducing the need for on-board computing, while optimizing the design and layout of the vehicle. cost.”

The demonstration project will be displayed on the first floor of the Detroit real estate developer Bedrock’s Assembly garage. The Assembly Garage is Bedrock’s first residential renovation project in the Cork Town community. Bedrock hopes to preserve the historical features of ground buildings and combine the latest technologies in parking and intelligent transportation. Bedrock is currently deploying the first automated valet parking site in the Midwest of the United States. Drivers can complete the underground parking lot in the Free Press Building through the automatic drop-off point or pickup point set up in the block. The operation of automatic valet parking and automatic retrieval of vehicles.

Heather Wilberger, Chief Information Officer of Bedrock, said: “Bedrock is deeply aware of the importance of the combination of real estate and intelligent transportation, and therefore has been working hard to join Detroit’s demonstration projects in the field of automatic parking and intelligent transportation. We also regard this plan as The first step in introducing automated valet parking to Detroit. In addition to drastically reducing parking time, it will provide our tenants, tourists, communities and residents with the greatest degree of convenience.”

The automatic valet parking technology will be available to tenants and personal demonstrations of the Assembly building before the end of September this year.

Connected vehicles and smart infrastructure enhance automated valet parking technology

Ford Connected Test Vehicle has established vehicle-to-road communication (V2I) with Bosch’s smart parking infrastructure to achieve highly automated operations. Infrastructure sensors can identify and locate vehicles and guide their parking operations, including avoiding pedestrians and other hazards. Once the infrastructure detects obstacles in the driving path, it will immediately stop the vehicle.

Mike Mansuetti, President of Bosch North America, said: “For Bosch, automated valet parking combines our deep cross-field experience in automobiles, intelligent transportation, and construction technology, and uses smart infrastructure solutions to improve people’s daily lives. Vehicles can automatically perform tasks such as parking in garages, allowing users to witness the advantages of highly automated technology.”

After arriving at the garage, the owner can park the vehicle in a designated area and use a smartphone application to move the vehicle to an automatic parking space. The owner can also use the app to request the vehicle to return to the designated pickup area. This not only improves parking efficiency, but also eliminates the need to find vehicles after returning to the garage.

Tripartite collaboration to realize intelligent transportation innovation

The demonstration project carried out in the Assembly Garage this time brought together Ford, the world’s leading automobile manufacturer, Bedrock, a real estate developer in Detroit, and Bosch, the world’s leading automotive technology supplier, to jointly promote innovative intelligent transportation projects.

The demonstration project will enable the three companies to gain valuable experience and in-depth insights on user experience, vehicle design, parking structure design and applications, and further expand the technology and its applications in the future.

Efficient use of parking space and improvement of vehicle services

Automated parking solutions allow garage owners to use parking spaces more efficiently. With automatic valet parking, up to 20% of vehicles can be accommodated in the same space. The solution can be used in existing facilities renovation projects (such as the application in the Bedrock Assembly garage), and can also be used to plan embedded infrastructure in the construction of a new garage, so as to achieve an optimized design for maximum capacity.

In addition to parking, the vehicle can also automatically drive to a specific service area in the garage, such as a charging area or a car wash area. In the demonstration project, Ford, Bedrock and Bosch will show the driving path of the vehicle moving between different service areas and finally reaching the parking spot, until the user issues an instruction to leave the garage.