Break, reorganize, Honor V40 redefines the visual aesthetics of the fuselage

This morning, the new Honor brought the first flagship V40. It has outstanding performance and optimization, and also brings the Honor of the new black technology GPU Turbo X.

But as the first flagship of the new Honor, the V40 has broken and reorganized the body design, creating a new design aesthetic. This also implies that New Honor broke out of its cocoon and became a butterfly, and set sail again.

The front of the fuselage doesn’t actually have much to talk about. After all, everyone now has a “full screen” solution with almost a whole screen, so let’s talk about it briefly.

The Honor V40 uses an 80° ultra-curved waterfall screen, an OLED panel with a resolution of 1236×2676, and 440 PPI to achieve a picture quality close to 2K. At the same time, the front screen accounted for 93.24%, which is simply the place you can see, almost all of which are screens.

The hyperboloid screen combined with the 3D curved body, the side of the Honor V40 can only be described by the word “thin”.

This design can not only improve the texture of the whole machine, but also better fit the user’s hand, bringing a more comfortable grip.

Coming to the back of the fuselage is the focus of the Honor V40’s break and reorganization.

In recent years, with the increase in the volume of the lens module on the back of the mobile phone, we have seen many design methods. For example, vertical traffic lights, horizontal large eyes, multi-segment styles, and matrix styles called “Mahjong tiles”. But these have separated the camera module from the entire back of the fuselage, without considering the overall aesthetics.

The Honor V40 combines a rational rectangular space with perceptual color changes, and uses a 1:3:9:27 proportional rectangular sequence to reassemble the entire back of the fuselage. This is what we said earlier about breaking and reorganizing.

Through this design, the main camera of the Honor V40, the entire rear lens module, the right side space of the module, and the entire back space of the fuselage are distributed on the back of the fuselage according to a certain rule. While ensuring that the back of the fuselage is visually in line with the rhythm and rhythm, it also provides sufficient space for the rear lens module.

For products with different color schemes, Honor V40 also distinguishes the display effect. For example, titanium empty silver is treated with AG frosting, creating a more delicate grip and a more hazy visual effect. The overall rose gold is more transparent and shiny, which is more suitable for young people with public personality

The back of the fuselage is divided into equal proportions, and the matte glass and high-gloss glass are seamlessly connected. Honor V40 not only creates a more balanced visual aesthetics, but also can better satisfy different users’ pursuit of fashion, color and personality.

On the far right of the space on the right side of the entire module, the image parameters of Honor V40 are written. Such as multi-dimensional camera matrix, aspheric lens and ultra high definition.

Let’s talk about Ultra HD. Honor V40 uses a 50-megapixel main camera with RYYB arrangement. While the number of pixels is higher, it can also effectively increase the amount of light entering and improve the imaging performance under dark light. And the main camera of Honor V40 has not been further raised, so the internal design of the entire phone should be a lot of work.

Summarizing the design of Honor V40, its front is blessed with a hyperboloid screen to achieve an excellent screen-to-body ratio. The back is arranged in an orderly arrangement of equal-scale rectangles, realizing a special harmonious beauty.

In today’s era of multi-camera mobile phone photography, the V40 not only solves the problem of the excessively large rear lens module and the visual impact on the entire back of the camera. And it also represents Honor, as one of the important brands leading the design of smartphone body, new thinking in this field after the establishment of New Honor.