Breaking news: Apple's first online WWDC conference or iPhone recording

On May 12th, Apple officially announced that it will host the WWDC conference on June 22nd. This year’s meeting will be conducted online for the first time. It is reported that Apple may use the iPhone to record the entire WWDC conference, bringing a new live broadcast experience.

It is understood that this year’s WWDC conference will be freely available to developers through the Apple Developer app and the Apple Developer website. Over 23 million developers will participate in this technology event around the world. Apple will show the new iOS 14 to the outside world. The iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS systems also include new versions of iMac and other hardware products.

In April this year, Apple used the iPhone to record the latest season of “American Idol”. The recording event called a total of 45 staff members. The iPhone used may be the flagship model. Some sources said that it should be the latest iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max. At the same time, Apple also unveiled the Chinese New Year blockbuster “Daughter” shot with the iPhone early this year to show the public the powerful shooting strength of the iPhone.

According to the current news, the iOS 14 system will launch a multi-tasking interface similar to the iPad, supporting the simultaneous display of 4 programs. In addition, it will allow third-party software to open the software by default for the system, providing more convenience for users. Are you looking forward to the WWDC held online this year?