Bruker's new maternal and child system debuts at CBME

The 20th CBME Maternity, Infant and Child Exhibition kicked off on October 10th at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The 3-day CBME Baby and Child Fair has been held for 20 sessions so far. The products on display cover the whole industry chain products such as maternity and infant products, food, toys, clothing, children's shoes and accessories. Supporting services such as smart retail. Bruco building blocks made a major appearance at CBME. At the opening ceremony, they won the 2020 CBME AWARDS Excellent Product Award and the Black Technology Award. Xie Lei, vice president of product development, Bruco came to the stage to receive the award. In the main exhibition area of CBME, Bruker brought the new products of the maternal and infant system such as Qichu Elf Party Building Blocks, Qichu Elf Classic Building Blocks, and Building Block Railcars for the first time and were welcomed by the audience.

Looking at the maternal and child consumer market, there is a lack of top brands in domestic toys to take on important responsibilities, coupled with the fact that young parents’ parenting concepts are more rational, focusing on toy quality and educational attributes. Based on these two insights and market judgments, Bruker has actively expanded the maternal and child system products while the existing building block product series is stable and stable, and has successively launched the Qichu Elf Party building block bucket, the Qichu Elf classic building block bucket and the building block track Cars and other products. This is also a star product in the Bruker brand exhibition area of the CBME Maternal and Child Exhibition.



Qichu Fairy Party Building Block Bucket

The Qichu Fairy Party Building Block Bucket developed for children aged 1 to 2.5 is the first choice for children to get started. 57 round and large-grained building blocks can be transformed into 24 kinds of food assembling shapes to help improve the baby's cognitive ability. The high-value super-large particle single-hole building blocks are suitable for children to grasp, easy to use and shape, and cultivate children's hands-on self-confidence. It is suitable for role-playing with parents at home and can also promote children's creativity.


Qichu Elf Classic Blocks

The Qichu Elf classic building block bucket was launched in April this year, and it is a product for infants and young children aged 1.5-3.5. This ever-changing fun bucket contains 62 pellets, which is easy to grasp and build. The single-hole inserts independently invented by Bruker blocks are a highlight of the product. The building instructions are divided into four levels of abilities according to the baby’s months of age, with a total of 17 building play methods, and guide children to build through cognitive illustrations and stories. Bright colors enrich children's perception of colors, and various shapes enhance babies' perception of shapes.


Building block rail car

The building block rail car is a variety of puzzles, far more fun than similar products on the market. The parts of the Qichu system make the assembling styles changeable, easy-to-handle assembling methods, and with the growth difficulty level levels, let the baby play independently. Railcars can construct 8 different themed game scenes, with hierarchical construction guidance for children of different ages; a variety of interactive play methods, such as smart car induction interaction, planning path interaction, game interaction and role-playing interaction.


Bruco bricks was born in 2015 as the nation's leading sales expert in children's bricks. Building block products are developed in conjunction with professors from Harvard University to promote the overall development of the key forces of children's growth. Being able to fight, change, and interact is the biggest advantage of Bruker. Today, Bruker has become a toy brand recommended by many celebrity moms, head maternal and child KOLs and head live broadcast anchors.

In the future, Bruker Building Blocks will continue to gain insight into the early education needs of young parents, and explore and develop more educational toys. In addition, Bruco bricks will uphold the craftsmanship spirit, guarding the high standards of the Chinese brick industry set by Bruco bricks from multiple dimensions such as quality, and accompany children to grow up with high-quality brick products that are safe, interactive and technological.