Build a smart life center Hisense releases a new generation of social TV S7F

Today, Hisense’s new generation of social TV S7F debuted at the Tianmo Music Festival. This is an upgrade after Hisense launched the first social TV last year. Hisense’s social TV S7F analyzes user pain points and analyzes big data, and performs interactive functions. Comprehensive optimization and upgrade, deeper insights, and research on the changes in user lifestyles in the 5G era, and relying on Hisense’s independent innovation technology to upgrade and iterate large-screen usage scenarios.

As a social TV, Hisense Social TV S7F is creatively equipped with a 325-degree PTZ camera and supports Hisense’s exclusive AI audio and image tracking technology. When the TV is placed in a fixed position, just send it out no matter where you are. Sound, the camera will track you, whether it is a video conference or chat with relatives and friends, it will be more convenient.

Hisense Social TV S7F has also achieved a breakthrough in audio and video transmission technology. It can support full HD video calls for thousands of people and shared theater functions for thousands of people. In business office scenarios, it can meet the needs of multi-person meetings, in concerts or sports events In other scenarios, it can meet the needs of millions of people watching online at the same time.

With Hisense Social TV S7F, when interacting with friends, we can not only see the other party’s picture, but also hear the other party’s low-latency voice. Hisense Social TV S7F is equipped with a 5G microphone connection function, which greatly reduces the sound delay. With the popularization of 5G networks, although you will be separated from your loved ones in the future, you can also get the experience of chatting face-to-face.

As Tranquility, General Manager of Hisense’s social TV product line, said, many smart TV products currently on the market are connected at the technical level of the Internet of Things, and Hisense’s social TV is based on the interaction and connection between people. Through technology, we strengthen people. The connection with people is more warm, and this is the essence of social interaction.”

Hisense Social TV S7F is also the world’s first TV that supports family private cloud. It comes standard with 1TB of cloud space. Relying on Hisense’s cloud storage and cloud computing technology, it can share video and image information. Hisense’s self-developed Hi Drop data transmission method breaks through the device barrier between mobile phones, computers, and TVs, and uses five security technologies to provide users with a safe data sharing space.

In addition, S7F is also fully upgraded for the large-screen social scene. Family AI Cloud Fitness, AI KIDS, full-time AI CLOUD, AI CAMERA, cloud education, cloud games, cloud tourism, etc. will bring you a new experience. Hisense Juhaokan Internet TV cloud platform large-screen services have covered 14 categories and 88 categories, with more than 60,000 film and television variety documentaries, and an online library of more than 2 million hours of feature films. Overseas, Hisense has four major categories in Asia, Australia, America and Europe. The operation center has introduced nearly a hundred top content platforms such as Netflix, Youtube, and Google Play.

“Social TV is an ability. It is not a TV category, but a system that can empower other categories. It is a standard configuration that all future TVs will need. Compared with the past, the new generation of social TV is not simply an upgrade, but a new Define TV, redefine this screen in the living room.” Tranquility said.

With immediate effect, Hisense Social TV S7F is officially on sale, with a 55-inch priced at 7,699 yuan (USD $1100) and a 65-inch at 10,499 yuan (USD $1500) . When the era of 5G and AIoT is coming, Hisense Social TV S7F will bring us a brand new intelligent experience.