Built for iPhone 12: Apple puts a variety of MagSafe accessories on the shelves

At the press conference this morning, Apple released a total of four iPhone 12 models, all of which support the new MagSafe technology. At the same time, Apple's official website also has a series of exclusive MagSafe accessories.

  • MagSafe charger

The charger has a built-in magnet that can be precisely aligned with the magnet on the back of the iPhone 12 series, so there is no need to worry about the embarrassment of not charging due to the misalignment of the coil. At the same time, MagSafe charger can also provide up to 15W wireless charging power for iPhone 12 series. This accessory is priced at 329 yuan (USD $47) .

  • MagSafe leather card holder

One of MagSafe's features is magnetic, so Apple has brought a card case with a built-in magnet that can be easily and accurately attached to the back of the iPhone 12 series, even if the MagSafe transparent or silicone protective case is installed. The card holder can safely store credit cards and ID documents.

In terms of material, MagSafe leather card holder is made of European leather that has been specially tanned and finished. It is available in indigo navy, saddle brown, poppy grass, and black versions, priced at 479 yuan (USD $68) .

  • MagSafe phone case

You read that right. With MagSafe technology, the phone case has become special.

Apple provides silicone protective shells and transparent protective shells for the iPhone series, both with built-in magnets, which can be precisely aligned with the iPhone 12 series. No need to take it off when using MagSafe or Qi wireless charging. The price of both protective cases is 399 yuan (USD $57) .