BYD is about to launch the first model of a new electric vehicle platform to be released at the Shanghai Auto Show next year

On October 28, according to media reports, BYD’s senior vice president Lian Yubo revealed that BYD is pre-researching a next-generation high-performance, high-safety pure electric platform. The new platform will apply a large number of innovative technologies to give full play to the space of electric vehicles. The advantages of, driving, intelligence, safety, cost, battery life and other aspects have reached the same level of fuel vehicles. The first models developed based on the new platform will be released for the first time at the Shanghai Auto Show next year.


The layout in the field of pure electric architecture has become a "arms" contest between traditional OEMs. Just in September this year, traditional car manufacturer Geely launched the SEA vast electric platform, which is mounted on the ZERO Concept, the first pure electric concept car. It is positioned as a luxury pure electric coupe. The comprehensive working condition will last more than 700km. It is planned to be realized in 2021. Mass production and launching into the market; at the same time, Volkswagen launched its MEB pure-electric architecture as early as last year, and its mass production vehicle ID.4 will be rolled off the assembly line this year. Compared with the first two car companies, the production schedule is even ahead.