BYD releases domestic Loongson CPU computer with domestic Jingjia micro graphics card

On October 23, the well-known automobile and foundry company BYD released the Loongson 3A4000 unique display notebook. It is not difficult to see from the naming that this notebook is equipped with the domestic Loongson. The Loongson 3A4000 chip, which is based on the new generation processor core (code-named GS464V), has a performance improvement of 100% compared to the previous generation Loongson 3A3000.

According to the actual test results of the CPU performance test tool SPEC CPU2006, the fixed-point and floating-point single-core scores of the Loongson 3A4000 both exceed 20 points, and the Unixbench four-thread score based on the Loongson 3A4000 and the latest version of the domestic operating system has reached more than 2700 points. In order to protect data security, Loongson 3A4000 integrates vulnerability prevention design, hardware national secret algorithm, secure trusted module and secure access control mechanism, which truly guarantees safe use from the bottom source of the chip.

The graphics card also uses the domestic Jingjiawei JM7201, which fully meets the multi-scene needs of daily office. In terms of other configurations, it has 8GB DDR4 memory, 256GB SSD hard disk, 65Wh battery. In terms of interface, it has two USB 3.0 interfaces, one USB C interface, one HDMI video output interface, and one Audio interface.