Cai Xukun’s creative video hints that the vivo S9 is “incredibly thin”

According to news on February 23, after the three promotional videos of the new vivo S9 were launched yesterday, part of the appearance of the vivo S9 was also appeared with the three spokespersons Cai Xukun, Liu Haoran and Lisa, which attracted the attention of the majority of users and fans. This morning, vivo official Weibo once again released Cai Xukun’s creative video, showing the thin and light characteristics of vivo S9.

In the video, Cai Xukun took a 9-shaped bowling ball and then aimed at the track. The track became very narrow visually, and Cai Xukun hit all of them.

Immediately, a line of subtitles appeared next to Cai Xukun: 9 is so incredible. Combined with the slim side bezels of the vivo S9 shown at the end of the video by three spokespersons at the same time yesterday, I believe this is a hint that the side bezels of the vivo S9 will be “unbelievably narrow.”

Entering the 5G era, the increase in power consumption has made many mobile phones on the market thicker and thicker for battery life and heat dissipation. However, vivo’s S series has not given up on the “light and thin” design concept. Vivo S6, with its 8.68mm/181g lightweight body, became the lightest 5G mobile phone at the time; the subsequently released S7 realized the extremely thin body of 7.39mm/170g. Therefore, this also makes people very much looking forward to whether the upcoming vivo S9 can break through the previous generation.

Today Cai Xukun used a bowling ball to interpret the “light and thin” of the vivo S9, combined with the “focus on “clear” mentioned by the vivo official micro on February 22, easily freeze the light in the eyes” and “high light” in place, good “Film, not afraid of late” and other content, the vivo S9 should also have new breakthroughs in selfie photography. What are the highlights of the vivo S9? Let us look forward to the vivo S9 line at 19:30 on March 3 Let’s have a new product launch.