Can mobile phones shine? OPPO Reno5 luminous material is very unique

According to news on December 4, last night, a technology digital blogger @小白测评 showed unique content about a mobile phone. In the video of the digital blogger, we can see that the mobile phone body shown by the blogger is in It shines in the dark, and it is in the most eye-catching camera part.

Later, this content was forwarded by more digital bloggers, and it is speculated that the mobile phone used by @小白 for evaluation is the latest Reno5 series under OPPO. Other bloggers speculate that the OPPO Reno5 series may use a unique luminous material technology.

Judging from the content released by OPPO official, OPPO official left the following key message in the promotional video of the Reno5 series: “Honor portrait video, you will shine in my eyes”. “You will shine in my eyes” here may contain multiple connotations.

The first is naturally the OPPO FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system that OPPO is about to launch on Reno5. Through this full-dimensional portrait video technology system, the protagonists being photographed can have radiant skin in the night and capture the characters. Extraordinarily outstanding.

The other is the new-generation crystal diamond technology that will be used on the Reno5 series, which uses a new crystal diamond technology to allow the phone to show different gradient colors under light. The crystal diamond process also makes the hand feel warmer. Compared with the ordinary AG back cover, the crystal diamond process back cover has better resistance to fingerprints and is not easy to be scratched. And on Reno5, in addition to the brilliance brought by the crystal diamond technology, it may also add luminous materials to the mobile phone, as the news exposed, so that the mobile phone can also have a unique logo in the night light, so as to achieve the night “You will shine in my eyes.”

It is reported that OPPO Reno5 will use a new luminous material this time, which can effectively improve the recognition of the mobile phone and give the mobile phone a unique beauty in low light conditions. The OPPO Reno5 series will hold the Reno5 series “Starry Night” new product release show at 19:40 on December 10th. There may be many stars coming to perform to help, and interested friends can pay attention to the wave. See what kind of colorful charm this unique luminous lens will glow.