Can the 599 yuan (USD $86) Xiaodu home smart screen X8 become your new generation of home AI assistant?

By chance, I got Xiaodu’s latest flagship machine, the X8, on the smart screen at home. In the next month, I put the X8 in the center of the living room, tasting and commenting with my family.


At the beginning, family members were curious about this & ldquo; smart screen that can speak, sing and perform. & rdquo; and slowly, with the increasing frequency of use and in-depth functional experience, the ability of Xiaodu X8 gradually returned to its fundamentals, not so mysterious. Due to its excellent combination of screen and voice control, and the support of Baidu voice technology, X8 has gradually become the third screen for several people to obtain content information (except for mobile phones and TVS).


Even if every family member has different entertainment demands, X8 features comprehensive, interactive, intelligent and its massive content ecology, which can basically meet everyone’s needs.

So, today, let’s talk from three perspectives of “interaction content company”: is the 599 yuan (USD $86) small home smart screen X8 worth buying? If you want to experience Baidu’s smart screen series, can X8 be your best choice?


01 smooth interactive experience

There are two basic interaction modes of Xiaodu home smart screen X8: touch screen + voice control. In addition, there are multimodal interactions such as remote gesture control and eye wake-up, which will be discussed later.

The core is the 720p resolution, 8-inch touch screen, which is also the highlight of the X8 different from other smart speakers.


Thanks to the large screen, users can enjoy more entertainment resources on the X8. X8 will make iqiyi, mango TV, Tencent video, good-looking video, Migu, CCTV HD live TV revenue cyst in one breath. You can also find your favorite programs from the push of waterfall flow.


The shell texture is really OK. The X8 continues the family design of small degree at home. The lower body is made of high-grade gray textile cloth, which is integrated with the hard plastic shell. Why emphasize the fuselage? Because Xiaodu X8 has a great experience of drama chasing, the family always takes Xiaodu from the living room to the kitchen, and then to the bedroom, often leaving the iPad to one side. It’s just that Xiaodu X8 doesn’t have its own battery. It needs to be restarted every time it is transferred. I think it’s a great pity!


Physical buttons, as an upgraded version of the smart speaker, have been dimensionally reduced to three functions, which are designed on the top of the large screen: voice switch, volume adjustment, power supply. Although it is necessary to facilitate blind operation, it is rarely used in practice.


The hidden design of the charging line interface is the same as that of previous generations, which is very hidden and does not affect the beauty of the processor. Although it is not the focus, all built-in apps will be optimized and adapted, and will not jam at all;

In terms of microphones, the X8 is equipped with a linear 4mic microphone array, which sounds a little “mysterious”. The official explanation is that this microphone can combine high wake-up rate and shock sound effect. The actual experience effect is: when listening to music and chasing drama, even if the volume is turned to the maximum, users can use the normal volume to wake up the small volume at any time.

In addition to voice and touch: Xiaodu continues “gesture control” and adds “eye wake-up” in the home X8.


“Gesture control” is not difficult to understand. When playing music and online drama, put out a & ldquo; stop & rdquo; gesture in front of Xiaodu, and Xiaodu will stop playing the current content; put out a & ldquo; OK & rdquo; gesture, and it will continue to play.

The two gestures are easy to remember and very commonly used. They are suitable for families and children to call a silent stop when they fall asleep without considering the pause. They can also use gestures instead of voice to save the “small degree” and continue playing the “words”.

In the actual experience, as long as the light is OK and the hand is not far away from the small front, gesture recognition is quite easy to use.

In addition, based on face recognition technology, Xiaodu adds “eye wake-up” function on the basis of voice wake-up in the home X8. Users can wake up with one eye without shouting “Xiaodu”.  

02 entertainment content for all ages

In addition to iqiyi, mango, fish fighting and other apps integrated by older children’s users, Xiaodu has built-in “children’s mode” in the home X8. When the smart screen detects that the child is in front of it, it can automatically turn on the children’s mode and block the content such as “Celebrating more than one year” and “wonderful flower saying” watched by older children, which only presents the content suitable for children’s learning and growth. In this way, when the head of the family is not at home, you don’t have to worry about the children’s careless and early contact with the & ldquo; mess & rdquo; variety entertainment.


For the first time, Xiaodu intelligent screen has added “child face recognition” to actively monitor whether the person facing the screen is the owner: if so, Xiaodu will automatically turn on the child mode to provide more accurate and appropriate educational and entertainment content for the owner. Switch to normal mode, just the adults at home brush their faces.


The industry’s first safer and healthier children’s mode is further upgraded to five fold care. In addition to the original content filtering, time control and distance reminder, the new large screen eye care and care assistant functions are added. Baby’s face comes together, X8 can complete & ldquo; child face recognition & rdquo; in 2S, and enable the children’s mode. A large number of children’s education and entertainment content of different ages are under the five fold care, so that baby’s happy parents can rest assured.


X8 children’s resources integrate high-quality education platforms such as baby bus, beva children’s song, baby knows, XRS light class, vipkid, 51talk, one-to-one leader, Yifang education, baby supermarket, poetry conference, etc., with massive educational resources and multi intelligent recommendation, providing children with gradually upgraded learning content at different ages.

In terms of built-in app ecology, for example, iqiyi can log in to members or create payment codes for purchasing members. When you talk with Xiaodu X8 & ldquo; Xiaodu, I want to watch TV & rdquo;, you will turn on “live TV” and other media functions of traditional TV. Sometimes, you will feel that Xiaodu will become a substitute of traditional TV at home.


03 child care + the company of the elderly

On the basis of intelligent voice and content interaction, small home smart screen will bring a kind of company for users, which can not only become a family’s entertainment company, but also provide necessary care for the elderly and children who are inconvenient to answer the phone.

The function of “go home and have a look” has been extended from the previous two generations. It has a high evaluation in JD and other shopping platforms. Just because “go home and have a look”, Xiaodu is more like an AI assistant caring for family members than a cold webcam. Its definition is higher than the average level of most brands, and its radio effect is sensitive. It can reproduce the voice at home in the cloud. In addition, the home screen can be automatically loaded in the app, which is full of cordiality.

Go home and have a look at the function that currently supports recording wonderful moments. When there is an object activity detected in Xiaodu, 0-30 short video recording will be enabled. Parents can get the synchronized short video on the App side. If it is not saved, it will be deleted from the local area in 3 days and no longer occupy precious space.


On the mobile terminal, you can set the automatic recording mode for “go home and have a look”. Generally speaking, I will set it to “child care” and put more records on younger family members.

Finally, in terms of purchase: Xiaodu is the first brand in China to put forward the integration of touch screen into smart speaker. Compared with previous generations of products, from 1s at home, 1c at home and X8 at the latest, each generation of products can feel all kinds of humanistic care for users — home look, children’s mode, gesture control, or various details.

At present, Xiaodu home smart screen series has three generations of products on the market: the latest X8, 1C, 1s. From the appearance, it’s really hard to distinguish if you don’t distinguish carefully, but these three kinds of Xiaodu have different application scenarios at home.


If the budget is sufficient, you can directly purchase X8 to make more applicable scenarios.

For the users who choose Xiaodu X8 when using the smart speaker for the first time, X8 is the most representative Xiaodu smart product at present. It will not change your lifestyle to a large extent, but will integrate into your daily life and your family’s daily life in a way that makes you comfortable from the visual and auditory dimensions.