Can the new crown virus survive for a month on the phone screen? Just rub it hard like this!

According to recent media reports, scientists from the Australian Centers for Disease Control said: "The new crown virus can survive on coins and glass surfaces for nearly a month." Nowadays, it is also the high-incidence period of influenza. In addition, the dry weather in winter is not conducive to the killing of the virus. As soon as this news came out, it instantly topped the Baidu search hot list.

Earlier, the topic of "mobile phones are more dirty than toilets" made people pay attention to the health at hand. With the outbreak of the epidemic this year, the disinfection of electronic products such as smartphones has become a daily routine for many users. In addition to mobile phones, personal computers, public printers, and smart door locks all require special attention during special times. We have seen from the three major e-commerce platforms that digital cleaning products have considerable demand. On the Pinduoduo platform, many anti-virus and anti-bacterial products have participated in tens of billions of subsidies to provide consumers with more affordable prices.

Among them, the mobile phone and lens cleaning wipes launched by ZEISS Zeiss are quite targeted. The century-old German brand and the sterilization rate of 99.99% have made platform buyers frankly "buying Zeiss is mainly for peace of mind." This product not only enjoys Pinduoduo's tens of billions of subsidies, but also supports the "genuine insurance" underwritten by PICC P&C, so that this big-name product has platform authenticity protection.

▲Special cleaning wipes for ZEISS digital products

In addition to internationally renowned brands like ZEISS Zeiss, there are also "cleaning artifacts" that are very useful in daily life on the platform. For example, the portable "screen cleaning stick" can make mobile phone and computer screens cleaner in a few seconds with a simple spray and wipe. At present, this product has tens of thousands of pieces and is welcomed by many digital users.

▲A portable cleaning stick can be selected to clean the screen

In addition to the above-mentioned professional digital cleaning products, Pinduoduo's tens of billions of subsidies also include sterilization and disinfection wipes that can be used daily. In the process of cleaning digital products, as long as you pay attention to the amount and method of use, it can also have a better antivirus and antibacterial effect. At present, these products have good subsidies on the Pinduoduo platform. For example, the official subsidy of 75% alcohol sterilization sanitary wipes in the era of cotton is 17.6 yuan (USD $3) , and the order can be initiated at 35.8 yuan (USD $5) .

▲Alcohol wipes on the Pinduoduo platform participate in tens of billions of subsidies

In summary, there are three main ways to disinfect digital products:

1. Use a digital special disinfection product like ZEISS for disinfection.

2. Spray the disinfectant on the digital product and wipe it with a rubbing cloth or soft paper towel. (Suitable for digital products with good airtightness)

3. Wipe directly with a disinfectant paper towel, or spray the disinfectant on a rubbing cloth or soft paper towel.

Iggers, deputy director of the Australian Center for Disease Prevention, said: "The results show that the new coronavirus can remain infectious on the surface for a long time, so we must wash our hands regularly and maintain a good habit of cleaning the surface." As digital products are important production tools and daily necessities in modern society, it is necessary to pay more attention to cleaning during the high incidence of the new crown epidemic and influenza.