Car logo is worth a Accord: what is the price of this Rolls Royce

Talking about luxury cars

I believe that the first impression that many people have in mind must be the domestic recognized BBA & mdash; Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi.

It is also recognized by foreign countries as BBL & mdash; Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus.

Indeed, as industrial powers, Germany and Japan do have an unshakable King status in the field of car manufacturing. Mercedes Benz is even the pioneer founder of modern automobile industry.

But when it comes to luxury and brand awareness, I’m afraid no car dares to challenge the famous Rolls Royce.

As an outstanding representative of Europe and America’s top automobiles, Rolls Royce was born 114 years ago when Henry & middot; les and Charlie & middot; Rolls Royce met by chance.

Today, 114 years later, Rolls Royce is not only a synonym for grace and nobility, but also a top manufacturer in the industry, providing aeroengines for Airbus series aircraft.

As the protagonist of today, the director would like to introduce to you the youngest and fastest mass production vehicle series in the history of Rolls Royce.



As the inheritance of the classic, guster’s overall shape still retains its understanding of the classic.

But at the same time, as Rolls Royce’s youngest car line, it has a more dynamic posture and elegant temperament, but it also makes this gold logo longer, which is different from the old-fashioned stereotype of traditional Rolls Royce.

Add more younger elements, and then subvert your previous perception.

Rolls Royce as the most recognizable pure manual air intake grille.

Inspired by the Parthenon pillars, it gives you a perfect reflective surface no matter how you look from any direction.

At the same time, the design of the four doors is another original logo of Rolls Royce.

It highlights Rolls Royce’s understanding of nobility and luxury:

1. The design of the opposite door can make the rear passengers get the most space to get on and off;

2. It is convenient for the front row driver to open the rear door more conveniently and politely;

Of course, highlighting elegance is not limited to the driver’s operation. Pressing the button on the rear C-pillar can also provide a noble door closing experience.

When it comes to dignity, we have to mention the 100000 piece sunny umbrella with drying function in the door of Rolls Royce.

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When you arrive at your destination in the back row of Rolls Royce, the gloved driver opens the door for you and politely holds up the umbrella to protect you from the wind and rain. This is the supreme courtesy Rolls Royce brings to you.

The body size of gust gold standard extended version is 5637 / 1948 / 1557mm, and the wheelbase reaches 3465mm.

Compared with the Standard Version, the vehicle length and wheelbase are 170mm longer.

From the side, the smooth yacht lines and strong and powerful body on both sides reveal the flexible nature of guster.

Although the appearance maintains the retro style, the technology is closely related to the times.

The white ring LED headlamp is equipped with a circle of exquisite binding, and the high beam lamp is engraved with Rolls Royce double r logo, which highlights the dignity and adds more popular technology and young details.

The panoramic assisted camera is cleverly hidden in the fender lamp and connected with the interior central control panel, so that the driver can accurately judge the situation on both sides of the body.

The tail lamp continues the classic trapezoidal design of Rolls Royce, while using a new LED light source, adding more youth elements.

Overall, as a young car line.

Guster’s overall appearance continues the classic Rolls Royce, while adding more young elements of the new era, such as shark fin, LED light source, panoramic camera and so on.

Compared with the phantom, it is closer to the Rolls Royce used to “open”.



When we talk about Rolls Royce, we have to mention its two major car logos: “R & amp; R & amp; R” and “flying goddess”.

Interestingly, the logo was originally red, and later changed to black to commemorate the death of the founder.

In addition to the front logo.

The & quo; R & amp; R & rdquo; logo on the wheel hub of Rolls Royce is also eye-catching, which is one of Rolls Royce’s original designs.

The logo is completely separated from the wheel hub, and the & quo; R & amp; R & rdquo; logo can be kept upright at any time by using the tumbler principle.

I’ve heard of Rolls Royce’s classmates. I must have heard of the dignity of its flying goddess.

24K gold-plated 240000, silver 160000, carbon fiber 230000, transparent resin 490000 & hellip; & hellip; can even be customized more expensive.

But you’re not a Rolls Royce problem, it’s a & quot; you & quot; problem.

As for the origin of the goddess of flying: it is said that a British Baron Montague met Sandon at a banquet, and then separated because of family opposition. After several twists and turns, they finally got together. However, due to the outbreak of World War II, Thornton died.

Later, the British sculptor Sykes heard the story and was deeply moved by their tortuous love story. Then he created a vivid sculpture based on Thornton, which is now the flying goddess, and later officially became the logo of Rolls Royce.

Maybe you’re worried that this noble goddess will be stolen. But you still worry.

Rolls Royce has equipped it with a self-protection mechanism, which will automatically retract once it encounters external forces.

You can also control the rise and fall of the logo at any time. By default, it rises after landing and hides under the hood after the engine is turned off.


When I came to the interior of guster, what surprised the director first was not the interior decoration, but the sound insulation effect of guster.

There’s no proof of it. Let’s watch a video. You can feel the sound insulation effect at 300 yards.

Speed up to 300 yards to know how good Rolls Royce’s sound insulation technology is!

This is due to the use of double laminated glass and more than 50kg of sound insulation material.

During daily driving, you can not only keep the car quiet, but also hear the “tick” sound of the mechanical watch!

As the saying goes, temperament is to be distributed from the inside to the outside.

Gusteau’s Handmade interior has no mechanical ice cold feeling, but only the elegant atmosphere of Rolls Royce’s pursuit of the ultimate craftsmanship spirit.

After 60 hands and a month, big than big, more luxurious than luxury, makes Rolls Royce a work of art.

Log material is Rolls Royce’s recognition of classics.

In order to make the vehicle uniform, a car can only be built with the same tree.

Even after a few years, even if the wood grain on the car is damaged, Rolls Royce will find the wood backup of that tree in the UK headquarters for the owner to keep the car consistent.

The three panel steering wheel is wrapped in leather. It is calm and elegant, and the high light quality is beautiful.

There are many integrated functions.

On the right are entertainment functions, including volume control, telephone, and voice control buttons.

On the left is the control area of ACC adaptive cruise.

The instrument panel adopts a retro white background and black lettering design.

Compared with today’s popular electronic instrument panel, unmodified mechanical instrument panel means less display failure.

But this does not mean that Gusteau is out of date.

At the same time, the mechanical dashboard is also equipped with a full of science and technology LCD screen, used to display gear, driving data and status and other information, inheriting the classic, but also more perfect fit the ancient and modern elements.

It is worth mentioning that Gutt and even Rolls Royce have no tachometers. Instead, they are “residual power meters”.

For example, if you point to 80, you only use 20% of the power, and 80% of the power is available, which shows Rolls Royce’s confidence in its own engine.

On the left side of the instrument panel is the traditional light switch design of Rolls Royce.

On the right side of the steering wheel, from top to bottom, there are electronic handbrake and automatic parking button, which show the collision between modern configuration and retro modeling under the background of wood paint technology.

Central control uses a large number of leather and natural walnut matching, plus the exquisite technology of piano baking paint.

All the interior decoration is handmade by the workers, and there are also ancient and simple heritage everywhere, such as the shape adjustment button of the organ sound bolt.

If you still dislike the central control LCD screen is a bit out of place, it doesn’t matter.

You can also hide it in daily life, and the sense of unity of the whole central control system is further improved.

On the right side of the center console, the quartz clock with the logo of Gustave and Rolls Royce is needless to say, a necessary symbol of luxury cars.

You can’t have both fish and bear’s paws. Because the extended version of guster is equipped with panoramic skylight, it has to be missing the star top decoration.

As a top luxury car, the back row is the soul of the car, and the air outlet is of course essential. Not only in the middle, but also in guster’s B-pillar, there is an independent air outlet.

Even so, guster still uses manual adjustment. But this is definitely not the technical bottleneck of Rolls Royce, but willful Rolls Royce just to reflect the integration of tradition and classic.

The refrigeration technology of air conditioning is first-class. Even in the hot sun of 40 & deg; C, even if you are sitting in the idling car, you can still get cold all over your body.

The director of the appearance and interior decoration Department will experience it first today. In two days, the director will take you on this 6 million gust to experience it.

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