Car owners can get up to 80% rent! 300,000 vehicles will be connected to Gofun shared car hosting

There were so many shared car brands on the market before, but after being eliminated from the number theory market, only a handful of them can survive.

The Gofun car-sharing has passed the phase-out period of the industry, and has achieved profitability and has entered a stage of sustainable development.

On the afternoon of October 16, Gofun Technology, a subsidiary of Shouqi Group, held a GC2.0 full link conference and a 2021 300,000 optimal model launch conference in Beijing.

"Gofun Travel" has been built into a real car sharing and use rights exchange platform, and the newly unveiled "Gofun Car Service" is a D2D service based on the Internet, AI image and video algorithms, closed-loop management and crowdsourcing services.

Among them, personal car sharing, car flash delivery and errand running services, used car evaluation, new retail, charging and car washing services are realized.

In China, 260 million private cars are idle more than 90% of the time. Among them, more than 10 million vehicles were completely idle. According to statistics, on average, each car is used by everyone for only two hours a day. Therefore, the revitalization of idle vehicle resources has become a hot topic in today's society.

For this reason, Gofun Technology puts forward the concept of idle vehicle trusteeship, which has evolved the sharing of public vehicles into the sharing of private vehicles in the concept of shared cars. In 2021, 300,000 vehicles will be selected for use on the platform.

The purpose of vehicle trusteeship is to realize the operation, maintenance and leasing of idle vehicles, so that car owners can realize steady income. For example, the entire car rental owner can get 80% of the total income, and the daily rental and time-sharing can get 70% and 50% respectively.

It is reported that the vehicles that can participate in the trusteeship have mileage and age requirements. Fuel vehicles are registered within 5 years and the mileage does not exceed 60,000 kilometers, and new energy vehicles are within 2 years of the registration date and the mileage does not exceed 20,000 kilometers. .

Vehicles that meet the entry requirements will receive comprehensive software and hardware monitoring on the Gofun platform. GOFUN Technology installs intelligent terminals for each vehicle, namely vehicle T-BOX, vehicle ID+DMS system, etc.

Provide safety supervision for vehicles and real-time access to the cloud computing platform to realize vehicle positioning, driver alcohol detection, real-time recording of the situation inside and outside the vehicle, real-time voice contact with people in the vehicle, driving audio recording, real-time visibility of vehicle status, etc.