caveat! Android users use Google Messages carefully, SMS will be lost for no reason

On March 24th, according to foreign media reports, some netizens left a message online saying that they found a serious bug when using Google Messages, and the content of the text message would disappear for no reason.

It is reported that Google Messages is the preferred SMS app for Android users. It is said that the content of SMS messages disappeared for no reason. This phenomenon has already appeared. As early as last year, some users complained on the forum that their short messages were not approved In this case, it was inexplicably "deleted", and also accompanied by the disorder of the content of the short message, the short message sent by A was shown to be sent by B.

At present, Google has not made a positive response to this bug and repaired it. Some netizens posted a solution online to restore the phone to factory settings and restore the original data, and then uninstalled Google Messages through the Google App Store (because the APP), and finally clear the cache of the APP. In addition, the model of the bug is mostly the Moto G7 series, while other models, such as HTC, Huawei, and even Google's own Pixel series, have the problem of disappearing text messages.

It is worth mentioning that the above solution is not perfect every time, and now I can only hope that the official Google will solve the bug. What do you think about the disappearance of text messages in Google Messages? Comments are welcome.