Caviar customized iPhone11 Pro unveiled! Exclusive local

March 18 news, caviar launched a customized version of iPhone11 Pro, this customized version of the high-end mobile phone has followed the usual characteristics of caviar, using a lot of gold and silver. Caviar said that the output of this mobile phone is to respond to the current global new coronavirus, and can promote the antibacterial properties of precious metals such as gold and silver. Mobile phones designed with gold and silver materials can play a role in sterilization to a certain extent.

This phone is made of 925 sterling silver and 18K pure gold. There are currently four versions known: Hand of Fatima, St, Nicgolas, and a blooming lotus. and a dragon (A blooming lotus and a dragon, with complicated and luxurious patterns, looks very high-end atmosphere. It is worth mentioning that among these four editions, except for the hand of Fatima, all seem to be limited editions There are only 99 units in total.

The 64GB version of the iPhone 11 Pro currently has a starting price of $ 5,300. For the four known versions, the price will fluctuate depending on the gold and silver content of different models. At present, the four iPhones are not officially available. Get precise pricing.

In addition, Apple officials have suggested to the majority of fruit powders that although gold and silver have a certain bactericidal effect, but if you want to resist new coronavirus, you must be careful, especially pay attention to washing your hands frequently or using UV-C bactericide to sterilize your phone And clean.