Charm friends years old welfare, Flyme 8.0 stable version full model release completed

On January 20th, Meizu officially announced that as of January 17, the release of the full Flyme 8.0 stable model was completed. The system-level new design and more than 100 function adjustments covered the Meizu 16 series, 15 series, and PRO 7 series. , PRO 6 series, Charm Blue Note5 and other 28 new and old machines.

Flyme 8.0 is an operating UI system officially released by Meizu in August 2019. The new system includes more than 100 function adjustments, adopts the new design concept of Alive Design, supports flexible wallpaper switching, and new desktop layout and dynamic icon design.

In other respects, Flyme8 uses a line-removal white space combined with a global sinking design + a new grid system. The small window mode is upgraded to 2.0, and any interface can call out small windows. The game mode is also upgraded to version 4.0. Run; add self-timer super night scene mode + backlight mode, the night shooting effect is better; support digital health function, add a new voice assistant aicy, adopt a floating interface, support calling, texting, shopping, WeChat, etc., covering 241 Scenario; One Mind upgraded to 3.5, added 263 optimizations, added read and write accelerators, and increased the cold start speed of applications by up to 37%.

The stable version of Flyme 8.0 also added more functional adjustments, adding functions such as Chinese New Year style screen display, screen fingerprint unlock animation, lock screen lunar calendar display, and long press mBack screen. Add smart scan code for rear camera in the camera to scan, identify, and jump in one step; customize the shortcut menu, drag the commonly used mode to the homepage, and take pictures more smoothly. New year stickers are added to the gallery, which is more grounded, so that users can feel the new year flavor brought by Meizu.