Chery's new energy frame bricks run in situ! Official response: invalid data will not be counted as subsidized mileage

Since the state introduced new energy subsidies, the topic of "cheating subsidies" has never stopped.

Recently, a short video of Chery New Energy attracted everyone's attention. In the video, a large number of Chery New Energy vehicles were lifted by bricks and ran in situ.


At the same time, judging from the charging pile on the side of the license plate, it is connected to the batch of new energy vehicles, which shows that the empty running of the vehicles takes a long time.

As soon as the video was exposed, it caused heated discussions among netizens. After all, the "empty running" of vehicles rarely appeared in the manufacturer's engineering test projects. A well-known auto blogger questioned: "Is this brushing data?"


It is understood that according to relevant policies, vehicle mileage is one of the audit items for whether the vehicle can enjoy the national new energy subsidy.

According to statistics, more than half of Chery’s 6,406 “operating vehicles” did not meet the 20,000 kilometers of mileage approved by the national regulatory platform. The total number of declarations was about 12,631, and the pass rate was only 49.14%. In the end, it will receive 229 million yuan. Subsidies, but the amount of subsidies that were not passed was as high as 243 million yuan.

In response to this matter, on October 16, Chery New Energy Automobile officially issued a statement stating that the video took place at a local driving school and did not belong to Chery New Energy.

In response to questions from netizens about fraudulent subsidies, Chery New Energy stated in its response that according to the national new energy subsidy clearing system, subsidized mileage must have GPS driving trajectory, and "idling" is invalid data and will not be counted as subsidized mileage.

The following is the original statement: