China joy opened today, millet exhibition area show enriched 5g + aiot layout hard power

On July 31, the annual ChinaJoy was officially launched in Shanghai. The theme of “entertainment + technology” added more scientific and technological elements to this session of ChinaJoy. Many manufacturers familiar with us came to the scene, and their booths became the most direct window to show users their own strength and trends.

Xiaomi, the 10th anniversary of Xiaomi, was not absent. After last year’s amazing debut, Xiaomi brought surprise to everyone again. There were not only rich activities, but also the latest masterpiece of Xiaomi group’s flagship mobile phone and ecological chain in 10 years. It focused on Xiaomi’s strong accumulation in 5g and aiot industries, bringing us a wonderful and continuous science and technology feast.

In this exhibition, Xiaomi has built a large exhibition area of nearly 800 square meters with the theme of “dream summer vacation”. In the exhibition area, not only eight blockbuster games such as “Final Fantasy: Inspiration of courage, phantom war” and “DNF” mobile game were prepared for the audience to experience, but also the Xiaomi house was “moved” to the exhibition stand, where Xiaomi 10 pro and redmi were intensively displayed K30 and other latest flagship mobile phones, Xiaomi OLED Master TV and more than 20 different types of cutting-edge aiot technology products, bring the audience a full range of technology experience.

Xiaomi 10 pro and redmi K30 mobile phones have become the best weapon for live players to try new games. The virtual living room built by Xiaomi’s latest OLED Master TV series has attracted many viewers to experience it. With the support of the latest generation of OLED panel, this high-end OLED TV product with both film viewing and game performance is extremely outstanding. In the virtual living room, the color light band connected with OLED TV through the network can collect the color of TV screen in real time, adjust its light source, and extend the delicate color to the outside of the screen.

In addition, Xiaomi also built a reduced version of “cross-country Beach” in the exhibition area, and the gimni remote control car, which made a lot of attention during the publicity period, also had a place to play. Under the mobile phone remote control of rice noodles, Xiaomi flexibly “galloped on the sand”.

In 2020, Xiaomi will continue to promote the “5g + aiot” dual engine strategy, and plans to invest at least 50 billion yuan in the next five years. At present, Xiaomi is the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, and continues to maintain its leading position in the international IOT market. As of March 31 this year, the number of IOT devices connected to Xiaomi IOT platform (excluding smartphones and laptops) reached 252 million. Xiaomi 10 series mobile phones, the flagship of science and technology released at the beginning of the year, stand at the high end with excellent product strength and gain the recognition of consumers. In the era of 5g enabling aiot, Xiaomi will continue to strengthen the service capability of “5g + aiot” throughout the whole group, all products, all platforms and all scenes, and is committed to letting users enjoy the beautiful life brought by science and technology.