China Mobile releases super SIM card to provide security for 5g users

Recently, China Mobile released the “China Mobile super SIM card technology white paper”, which aims to clarify the development direction, architecture design and capability requirements of China Mobile for personal SIM card.

According to Yu Wei, director of the Business Research Institute of China Mobile Research Institute, the super SIM card enhances the security capability, realizes the upgrade of the interface between the computer and the card, and provides a high-quality container with large capacity and high security level for multi service bearing through space opening and multi application security isolation. It is a secure storage space for 5g user network identity authentication and application sensitive data, and a major event in the SIM card field Technological innovation.

The technical architecture of the super SIM card includes four parts: hardware layer, cos layer, application basic capability layer and application layer. Each layer introduces new technical features. SWP interface is added to ISO7816 interface in hardware layer to support NFC swiping operation with mobile communication terminal, which makes super SIM card introduce new technical features in each layer.

In addition, the super SIM card also has SIM shield, SIM quick authentication and other applications of China Mobile, which can provide user identity authentication services.

Will you change this super SIM card in the business hall