China Mobile Terminal Laboratory rated the best gaming phone, Huawei Mate40 Pro ranked first

The “China Mobile 2020 Smart Hardware Quality Report (Phase 2)” just released by China Mobile Terminal Lab conducted professional evaluations from 5G chips, 5G mobile phones, mobile phone cameras, smart screens, WiFI6, etc. Machine reference.

The report selects 5G mobile phones that will be launched from June to November 2020, involving a total of 41 models from 12 brands. The comprehensive capability evaluation is conducted at four price points. Among the price points above 4000 yuan (USD $571) , Huawei Mate 40 Pro ranks first, and Xiaomi Mi 10. Extreme, Samsung Note 20 series, iQOOS Pro, and vivo X50 Prp+ ranked 2nd to 5th.

As Huawei’s flagship machine in 2020, it is equipped with the most advanced 5-nanometer process of Kirin 9000. It is not surprising that Mate 40 Pro ranks first in comprehensive capabilities. It is also reasonable that the ability to take pictures and video is ahead of rivals in the same price range. Among them, after all, Huawei’s ability to adjust the lens is obvious to all. The application of rear-mounted Leica four-camera, laser focus sensor, four-in-one pixel fusion, full-pixel eight-core focusing and other technologies, cooperates with the XD Fusion image engine and the powerful computing performance of Kirin 9000 , Let the Mate 40 Pro continue the excellent camera genes of the Mate series, the appearance of front and rear wide-angle lenses and hardware real-time video HDR, also made it a Vlog shooting artifact.

Surprisingly, in terms of game performance, the Mate 40 Pro is not much better, beating many professional e-sports phones, which is a breakthrough.

The report tested Mate 40 Pro, ASUS ROG gaming phone 3, iQOO5, Lenovo Savior Gaming Phone Pro, Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, Samsung Note20 Ultra 5G, and iPhone from five dimensions including multimedia, battery life, heat generation, response speed, and fluency. The game performance of 7 mobile phones such as 12, overall, the overall gaming experience of the latest flagship phones and e-sports phones has been further improved, including significant improvements in battery life, frame rate fluency, and sound effects.

Thanks to the Kirin 9000’s 24-core G78 GPU and the 90 Hz refresh rate and 240 Hz touch sampling rate screen, Mate 40 Pro ranks in the forefront in terms of fluency and touch response, with an 88° super-curved ring screen. In addition to the immersive visual experience, the dual speakers also allow Mate 40 Pro to present good sound effects in the game, bringing players an immersive experience.

Of course, if the battery life can’t keep up, the heat dissipation is not good, the performance is no matter how powerful, and the picture is smooth is no use. With the dynamic collaboration of CPU and GPU resources and the excellent power consumption control of Kirin 9000, Mate 40 Pro has achieved an excellent level of power consumption when the frame rate is greatly increased, and the game life is second only to ASUS ROG gaming phone 3. The performance also surpassed the number of professional gaming phones ranked second.

Therefore, although the Mate 40 Pro itself is not positioned as a gaming phone, when Huawei has made the processor, screen, software, and other comprehensive experience sufficiently good, it is reasonable for the Mate 40 Pro to become the best gaming phone.