China Radio and Television and Qualcomm successfully completed the world's first 5G data call in the 700MHz band

China Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as China Radio and Television) and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. announced that the two parties successfully completed the world’s first 700MHz (n28 band) FDD frequency band 2x30MHz large bandwidth 5G data call. This data call is based on the 2x30MHz technical standard of the radio and television 700MHz FDD frequency band, and is completed using a 5G mobile test terminal in the form of a smartphone equipped with Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X55 5G modem and radio frequency system. The downlink peak rate exceeds 300Mbps, which is to further improve the use of 700MHz spectrum. Laying a solid foundation for efficiency and accelerating the commercial deployment of China’s radio and television nationwide 5G network.

In addition, Qualcomm Technologies has also cooperated with vivo, ZTE, Quectel, Fibocom and Gosuncn to launch the first batch of 5G commercial terminals supporting the 700MHz band of broadcasting and television, including smartphones, CPE and 5G modules, all of which are equipped with flagships Snapdragon 865 5G mobile platform and/or Snapdragon X55 5G modem and radio frequency system.

On June 6, 2019, China Radio and Television obtained the 5G commercial license issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and officially launched the 5G network deployment of China Radio and Television. The radio and television 700MHz FDD 5G frequency band has the characteristics of wide signal coverage, fast transmission rate, strong penetration capability, and suitable for large-scale continuous network coverage. It has unique advantages not only in the traditional mobile business field, but also in the new vertical industry service field. In the past year, China Radio and Television has actively promoted the commercialization of the 700MHz 5G network. The 700MHz 2x30MHz large-bandwidth technical solution formulated by the 3GPP was adopted by the 3GPP to be included in the 5G international standard in March this year, becoming the world’s first 5G low-frequency (below 1GHz) large frequency Broad international standards have set a new benchmark for the use of global 5G low-frequency spectrum resources. In addition, China Radio and Television is also accelerating the pilot construction of the 5G trial network, focusing on verifying multi-scenario application services such as demonstration media integration, cultural IoT, industrial interconnection, and ubiquitous power grids.

Qualcomm Technologies has been cooperating with the mobile industry to promote the readiness of 5G networks and mobile terminals, helping to realize the commercial deployment of 5G in the 700MHz frequency band, enabling operators to provide comprehensive services including voice and data. Only three months after the completion of China Radio and Television’s 700MHz 2x30MHz FDD technical standard, Qualcomm Technologies and Radio and Television completed the world’s first large-bandwidth 5G call in the 700MHz 2x30MHz FDD frequency band, and supported partners to launch the first batch of commercial terminals that support 700MHz, covering multiple Product categories, oriented to a rich application scenario.

Zeng Qingjun, Deputy General Manager of China Radio and Television Network Co., Ltd. said: “China Radio and Television aims to build a development model of media convergence + 5G, adhere to a differentiated development route, and strive to promote the combination of 5G technology, content platform and business model innovation. In 2015, we actively promoted the 700MHz large-bandwidth international standard and network construction. This time working with Qualcomm Technologies to complete the world’s first 700MHz 2x30MHz large-bandwidth 5G data call is an important step in the company’s creation of a high-quality 700MHz 5G network. We look forward to continuing to work with the industry. The partners accelerate the coverage of 5G networks in national radio and television, and support the high-quality development of the national economy, information and communications, and radio and television industries.”

Dejia Ma, Senior Vice President and General Manager of 4G/5G Business of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. said: “Qualcomm Technologies is very pleased to work with China Radio and Television and the industry to help global 5G commercial use through continuous promotion of key technology development. This time, the cooperation with China Radio and Television to achieve the 700MHz band Broadband FDD 2x30MHz 5G data calls are of great significance. At the same time, we are also proud to see that Snapdragon 5G modems and radio frequency systems are empowering the first batch of 5G commercial mobile terminals that support 700MHz, providing support for commercial deployment of 5G terminals and services in broadcasting and television. Strong support.”

With 5G commercial terminals ready and the industry’s strong support for the 700MHz frequency band, support for the deployment of China’s radio and television 700MHz network will surely further promote 5G deployment across China.