China Telecom launches cost-effective 4G VoLTE feature phone: adopting Unigroup Zhanrui 8910

News on August 25 According to the official introduction of Unigroup Zhanrui, Unisplendour Zhanrui and China Telecom are actively carrying out cooperation in the field of Cat.1, jointly promoting the formulation of industry standards for Cat.1 applications, and in the near future based on Cat.1 applications, Jointly launched a batch of cost-effective VoLTE mobile phones, which bring 4G HD voice call service.


IT Home is informed that most of these terminals use the Unigroup Zhanrui 8910 platform, which has a qualitative leap in quality compared to traditional feature phones. It supports 4G full Netcom dual card dual standby, and VoLTE high-definition voice calls, allowing users to watch videos while watching videos. Answer the call and reduce the access delay. Ziguang Zhanrui 8910 platform is highly integrated, which achieves a better balance between performance and power consumption of mobile phones. In the same scenario, the upload and download rate is optimized by 30%, and the battery life is optimized by 20%.

This batch of terminals are equipped with Unigroup Zhanrui MOCOR RTOS lightweight operating system. The new generation of VoLTE mobile phones are simple and easy to use, reducing the user’s learning cost, and 675 hours of long standby time.