ChinaJoy plus live: the first true wireless headset oneplus budds released

2020 ChinaJoy officially opened today. OnePlus mobile phones participated in the exhibition and released its first true wireless headset oneplus budds at 499 yuan (USD $71) .

Oneplus budds are available in white, grey and blue colors. The shape of the charging box is very round and has the touch of BABYSKIN. The appearance design can be described as simple, except for the front indicator light, the back function key and the bottom usb-c port, there are no redundant elements.

The headset is designed in a semi in ear design, and the texture elements of the CD on the outside have touch function. It is convenient to cut songs, play / pause, voice assistant, switch equipment, hang up the phone, etc.

In terms of sound quality, oneplus budds has built-in 13.4mm large dynamic unit to support Dolby sound effects. Thanks to 3mic noise reduction and intelligent voice algorithm, oneplus budds also brings a high-quality voice experience.

Oneplus budds support pop-up pairing when used with a plus mobile phone. When it is detected that the mobile phone enters Fnatic mode, the headset will automatically switch to the low delay mode.

In terms of service life, the oneplus buses headset can be charged for up to 7 hours at a time, and can be used with a charging box for up to 30 hours. It also supports warp flash charging, charging for 10 minutes and listening for 10 hours.

It is understood that oneplus budds will be sold on August 1 with a price of 499 yuan (USD $71) .

More beautiful pictures of OnePlus booth: