CJ’s new products win the prophet! Mechanic f117-x future flagship exposure summary

For the majority of game players, the mechanic brand is certainly no stranger. As a brand that has been deeply cultivated in the field of games for many years, it has launched many classic products. The successful listing of several generations of classic products has made the F117 series notebook of Machinists win the favor of market players. The mechanic will officially release the F117 series new code named “X” at the 18th China joy Conference on July 31 At present, the mechanical official micro has already warmed up in advance and released a lot of news about “X” new products. Let’s have a look.

From the two official f117-x design manuscripts released by the government, it is not difficult to see that streamline design runs through the design elements of the fighter plane. The strong lines of the fuselage outline the fuselage full of power. With the looming RGB lighting effect around the fuselage, it can be seen that f117-x continues the appearance of the machinist F117 series with high appearance; the two ribs under the A-side logo add a sense of three-dimensional.

The warm-up poster also revealed that the f117-x not only has a high appearance, but also has an extremely thin body. For a game originally said, not only need cool lighting effect, excellent appearance, but also need a lightweight body, often weight of five or six kilograms, obviously no longer meet the “notebook” for the portable demand, f117-x obviously gave its own answer, in the extreme lightweight and performance to achieve a balance, both to ensure portability, and to solve the high heat brought by high performance Quantity problem. The price of this kind of notebook has always been high due to the lightweight + performance orientation. “10000 yuan (USD $1174) ” has even been unable to guarantee the cost. There are many thin game books with the price of 20000 and 30000 yuan (USD $4286) . Regardless of the cost, the brand premium is also a major reason for the high price of the thin game book. I believe that the new f117-x new product of the mechanic will break the price barrier of the thin game book and let more people can Enjoy the game of low price and high quality.

RGB Shenguang is also a highlight of f117-x, with 16 million color light effect, combined with fuselage lamp belt + Logo light, providing users with light effect full of “fighting”. RGB backlit keyboard is also essential, so that players can enjoy the pleasure of fingertip tapping in the fierce battle, and at the same time, can fully interpret the personality of self publicity.

From the upper right corner, it is not difficult to see that f117-x also uses the 10th generation intel core processor, with a main frequency of 5GHz. The author predicts that the processor may be equipped with i7-10750h or i7-10850h, with more powerful processing power. Whether it is a game player or a video clip, this processor will not lag behind.

It is only a few days since the 18th China joy conference in 2020 was officially held. F117-x will soon unveil its mystery. You can also pay attention to the official microblog of Machinists, get the latest news of Machinists’ products, explore the unknown competition area X together, and experience the e-sports charm of top black technology together!