Cobos DEEBOT N8 anti-bacterial sweeper evaluation: high performance and cost-effective choice

Nowadays, with the accelerating pace of work, work has been integrated into our lives. After a busy day at work, I believe everyone wants to relax completely. But things backfired. After finishing the work, we have to continue to face the fragmentary housework. As long as we don’t mop the floor for two or three days, there will be a lot of dust on the ground, and even many bacteria and dust mites. And cleaning the ground is often the most time-consuming, not only need to clean the dust first, but also need to mop the ground, it takes half an hour to complete the whole set.

If you want to completely get rid of the housework of floor cleaning, then a sweeper is indispensable. Of course, it can be combined with the sterilization function. Today we are going to test a new product sweeper, this is Cobos DEEBOT N8, to see if this sweeper can help us solve the housework of floor cleaning.

1. Overall appearance: simple design one-click start

The overall design of Cobos DEEBOT N8 is still very simple. There is only one start button on the top of the fuselage. The simple style is more compatible and suitable for different styles of home decoration. Even if the sweeper is placed on the bright surface, it will not feel very unexpected.

The laser scanning module protrudes from the fuselage and can be used to scan the home environment to generate a clean map. The laser scanning module of Cobos DEEBOT N8 can achieve a scanning speed of 1800 times per second, with a range of up to 6.5m. It has the advantages of fast speed and wide range, and can build maps faster and more accurately.

Cobos DEEBOT N8’s cushioning and anti-collision board uses a black color, which contrasts with the fuselage and looks full of technology.

2. Detail display: simple sterilization and cleaning operation

Cobos DEEBOT N8 is an integrated sweeper. In addition to the sweeper, the package also contains washable wipes and disposable wet mops. Cobos DEEBOT N8 can complete the mopping while cleaning the floor. The work of the ground makes every cleaning more thorough.

Cobos DEEBOT N8 has two side brushes, using a split design, you need to install it yourself when you use it for the first time, but the installation is simple, the two side brushes are green and red respectively, corresponding to the position of the two side brushes at the bottom of the sweeper , Install it directly.

The two side brushes can gather the foreign matter on the ground to the middle, and then sweep it through the rolling brush and suck it into the dust box.

Slide the release button of the roller brush assembly in the indicated direction at the same time to open the roller brush assembly and take out the roller brush. The silicone baffle and the brush are combined to make the roller brush close to the ground. With the brush, the depth can be 4mm Cleaning in the cracks of the floor, the cleaning effect will be even better.

Cobos DEEBOT N8 is also equipped with a cleaning tool. The brush head can clean the dust in the dust box and the gap of the fuselage, and the blade on the other side can cut the thread and hair wound on the roller brush, which can be easily rolled. Brush for care.

Cobos DEEBOT N8 is equipped with a liftable dust box, which is locked by the handle, so that the dust box can be firmly fixed inside the fuselage. It is also very convenient to take out the dust box. Raise the handle gently, and then you can lift the dust box, which can be done with one hand.

The side of the dust box is equipped with a button to open the dust box, which can be opened by pressing it, and it can be completed with one hand.

The dust box of Cobos DEEBOT N8 is equipped with a triple filter system, including filter mesh, filter cotton and filter element. The interception rate of 1μm dust is as high as 99%, avoiding the appearance of secondary pollution.

As a sweeping robot that integrates sweeping and mopping, Cobos DEEBOT N8 has a 240ml large-capacity water tank that can support 120 minutes of cleaning, and the wet mopping area can cover 200 square meters. Cobos DEEBOT N8 supports three levels of water volume adjustment, which can meet the cleaning needs of different families.

It is very convenient to remove the water tank, just press the buckle to remove the water tank with one hand to add water. The wiper bracket and the water tank are also connected by a snap-fit method, and the wiper bracket needs to be installed when it is used for the first time.

We can remove the rag from the rag holder for cleaning. The rag and the holder are connected by Velcro, which is easy to remove and clean.

For families with small babies at home, Cobos DEEBOT N8 also supports anti-bacterial wet mop function, combined with the use of Cobos and Unilever jointly developed disposable wet mop, contains Omo special cleaning formula, using palm oil extracted fatty acids , It quickly destroys the bacterial cell membrane. At the same time, DEEBOT N8’s disposable wet mop has a natural fragrance, which can not only remove the peculiar smell of the floor, but is also suitable for a variety of floor materials without damaging the floor.

In the post-epidemic era, disinfection and sterilization have become a normalized demand, and Cobos DEEBOT N8 can help us to clean up the ground and sterilize and mop. Cobos DEEBOT N8’s disposable wet mop is a one-time use, throw away immediately, no need to clean, more convenient and quick.

Finally, take a look at the charging base of Cobos DEEBOT N8. Unlike the pure white color of the body, the charging base of Cobos DEEBOT N8 uses a mixture of black and gray. The size is not large. It is placed on the wall or in the corner of the room. There is no problem.

A cable organizer is provided on the back of the charging base, which can hide excess wires in the charging base, which will make the home more tidy. At the same time, precautions for placement are also written on the back of the charging base to facilitate users to choose a reasonable location.

There are four silicone feet attached to the bottom of the charging base, which can be firmly fixed on the ground and avoid sliding back and forth on the ground under the push of the sweeper.

Cobos DEEBOT N8 has a good appearance and is very suitable for home. For young users who like appearance, Cobos DEEBOT N8 is also very recommended.

3. Cleaning test: strong suction to clean thoroughly

It is not enough to choose a sweeper by looking at its appearance. We should pay more attention to its cleaning effect, that is, its suction performance. Cobos DEEBOT N8 uses the Japanese NIDEC brushless motor, the fan speed can reach 19,000 rpm. In addition, the fan blades of Cobos DEEBOT N8 have also been optimized. The fan blade density has increased by 46%, resulting in a more efficient air circulation rate and greater suction.

Cobos DEEBOT N8 has three levels of suction adjustment, 600/1200/2300 respectively, and the maximum suction power of 2300Pa is enough for daily household use. If we clean the ground frequently, we can also use the lowest air volume.

We used two test objects, flour and soybeans, for the suction test.

We can see that Cobos DEEBOT N8 can clean up the flour very easily.

When cleaning soybeans, the two side brushes of Cobos DEEBOT N8 will gather all the soybeans in the middle part, and Cobos DEEBOT N8 can be easily cleaned up by walking.

After testing, Cobos DEEBOT N8 has strong suction power and can clean the dust, so how does it mopping performance? We also tested the mopping of Cobos DEEBOT N8.

After Cobos DEEBOT N8 mopping the floor, the ground will not become very wet, just let the ground moist, and it will gradually dry after a short period of volatilization, which can prevent the wooden floor from deforming due to frequent wet mopping.

Before mopping on the left, after mopping on the right

The dust on the ground before mopping the Cobos DEEBOT N8 will be very obvious, and after mopping, you can see that the black marks left by the paper towel are already very light. If you use Cobos DEEBOT N8 to mop the floor often, the ground will be Cleaner. At the same time, it is recommended that you regularly use Cobos DEEBOT N8’s anti-bacterial wet mop to clean the floor, so as to achieve a sterilization effect.

4. APP function: remotely start personalized cleaning

Cobos DEEBOT N8 supports mobile phone connection, so that we can remotely start the robot for cleaning.

Through Cobos’ mobile APP, follow the prompts to connect to the Internet, and the operation is very simple.

Cobos DEEBOT N8 supports breakpoint continuous scanning and non-disturbance mode, which is more user-friendly in cleaning.

Cobos DEEBOT N8 will be divided into areas during cleaning, first cleaning a part of the area, and then cleaning another area. It can be seen from the cleaning path that Cobos DEEBOT N8 can quickly complete map modeling and make more scientific path planning for cleaning maps and home furnishings.

During cleaning, if we move the home furnishings, Cobos DEEBOT N8 can also make adjustments in time. Cobos DEEBOT N8 has strong real-time navigation planning capabilities.

Cobos DEEBOT N8 supports multiple cleaning modes, and we can choose different cleaning areas. Cobos DEEBOT N8 can automatically partition the cleaning environment, and different areas can be set with different cleaning modes. Relying on the sensor at the bottom of Cobos DEEBOT N8, Cobos DEEBOT N8 can also avoid falling from the stairs.

In addition, Cobos DEEBOT N8 also supports dynamic relocation to achieve the breakpoint continuous sweep function to ensure that the sweeper does not get lost or missed sweeping. When the cleaning is completed, Cobos DEEBOT N8 can automatically return to the charging base for charging.

Summary: cost-effective cleaning tool

Cobos DEEBOT N8 has a powerful cleaning ability. Whether it is vacuuming or mopping, it can help us better clean the ground. With it, we can free ourselves from the housework of floor cleaning, and free up time. Wouldn’t it be better to relax and enjoy?

The starting price of Cobos DEEBOT N8 is only 1599 yuan (USD $228) , which is not high in the whole industry, but its cleaning ability is very good. Cobos has always been the leading brand in the sweeper industry. Cobos DEEBOT N8 is a cost-effective product. For many users who have not touched the sweeper or are ready to replace the sweeper, Cobos DEEBOT N8 is a Good choice.