Code leaked Samsung Note 20 equipped with Snapdragon 865 with new version of One UI2.5 system

With the official appearance of the Samsung S20 series, Samsung also announced the kernel source code of the new series of machines, and for the first time leaked some information about the three new models that have not yet been released. According to reports from foreign website XDA, the project codes of the three new machines discovered this time are "Canvas", "Winner 2" and "Zodiac". The first two are equipped with Snapdragon 865 processors. It is speculated that it may be Samsung Note 20 and the second-generation folding machine Fold 2, as for the "Zodiac" is equipped with a Snapdragon 855 processor, which may be a model launched specifically for the Chinese market.

Code leaks Note 20 information

According to a foreign website XDA disclosure, they found three unreleased project code names in the kernel source code of the Samsung S20, "Canvas" and "Winner 2", respectively. Among them, the new machine code-named "Canvas" may be the Samsung Note 20 launched in the second half of the year, and the model code-named "Winner2" is due to the folding screen model Samsung GALAXY Fold code-named "Winner", so it is almost certain that it will be Future second-generation folding screen model GALAXY Fold 2.

However, although Qualcomm will have a subsequent debut of the Snapdragon 865+ processor, at least this time the "Canvas" and "Winner 2" appearing in the Samsung S20 series kernel source code have no plans to upgrade, and they still carry the codename " "Kona" Snapdragon 865 processor (there is evidence that the Snapdragon 865+ code is kona v2.1), but also did not find any clues using Samsung's own Exynos processor. However, considering that Gao Dong really stated at the recent Samsung internal shareholder meeting, there may still be Exynos versions for these two models for different markets.

Zodiac or A71 5G Chinese Mainland License Edition

At the same time, other configuration files found in the Samsung S20 series kernel code also indicate that "Canvas" (Samsung Note 20) equipped with Snapdragon 865 processor will enter the US market, and "Winner 2" (Samsung Galaxy Fold 2) will be available in European market launch. Of course, eventually Samsung Note 20 and GALAXY Fold2 will definitely be sold in other markets around the world, but the above information is only temporarily found in the kernel source code.

It is worth noting that the new codenamed "Zodiac" was also found in the folding screen GALAXY Z Flip source code. It was equipped with the Snapdragon 855 processor, but it seemed to be limited to the Chinese market. Although the true identity of the aircraft is temporarily unknown, as the upcoming Samsung A71 5G in China has been reported to be equipped with the Snapdragon 855 processor, it may mean that "Zodiac" may be the country of this model. Line version, and other markets will switch to Exynos 980 processor.

As soon as August

Although the information about the new machine leaked by the above source code is limited, according to previous disclosures from insiders, Samsung will launch three folding screen phones this year, including the GALAXY Z Flip in February, and the left and right folds around August. Type, as well as the Z-folding type introduced in December this year. At the same time, considering that the Samsung Note series usually debuts in August, it also foreshadows that the left-right folding GALAXY Fold 2 may be launched in conjunction with the Samsung Note 20 in August this year.

According to reports from foreign website SamMobile, Samsung is developing One UI2.5 system for new devices, and the first model will be Samsung Note 20 series. However, not much is known about the features and new features of the One UI2.5 system, but it is rumored to bring Google ’s UI navigation gestures to third-party application launchers, and in the current One UI2.0 or One UI2. 1 is not available on mobile phones.