Collar 05 kicks off tech debut with "Time Limited Edition"

[Hangzhou, March 18, 2020] Today, the new era of high-end brand Lingke Automobile, through the first domestic content-oriented, user pain points as the carrier to present a live broadcast form, the theme of "05 please answer" online technology special session The micro variety show demonstrates the glamour technology charm of Link05 to consumers, and the whole live broadcast has attracted the attention and participation of millions of users. Chen Siying, deputy general manager of Lectra Car Sales Co., Ltd., unveiled the Lectra 05 limited-edition model on the spot and announced pre-sale rights.

This technology sharing session aimed at consumers ’daily car pain points. Through scenario-based interpretation, cross-industry collision of thoughts, and easy-to-understand product sharing, it showed that under the empowerment of the CMA basic module architecture, Link05 will bring users For the ultimate smart technology experience.

(" 05 Please answer" special micro-variety of science and technology)

Extreme environmental technology, world-class air-conditioning creates a comfortable space

As the ultimate masterpiece of CMA's basic module architecture, the ultimate interpretation of Linke 05 is reflected in many little-known details. The air-conditioning system is equipped with industry-leading 9 sensors to accurately sense the temperature changes inside and outside the car; 5 auxiliary executive motors to reasonably control the temperature inside the car to a comfortable state; and 3,000 temperature variable calibration points to precisely create the ultimate comfort of the car environment.

Based on the leading advantages of global development of the CMA basic module architecture, the verification track of variable-frequency dual-zone air conditioners carried on the Link05 is spread all over the world. With the help of more than 200 test sensors, from -40 ° C to 45 ° C and 0% to 100% humidity, the total test distance has exceeded 50,000 kilometers.

In order to meet the demanding requirements of users for air quality and the continuous attention to healthy travel, the Lingke 05 brings unprecedented air safety in the car. Link05 was awarded the "Aerosol Filtration Protection" certification by TÜV Rheinland and the "Automotive Regulation CN95 Air Filtration" certification by China Automotive Research Institute. The international and domestic double certifications show the product strength of Lingke 05 as the flagship model of the Lingke brand. Practicing the "customer-centric" brand concept, the Link brand continues to bring high-value product experiences that are more environmentally friendly, safe, and superior in quality to consumers worldwide.

(Lingke 05 was awarded the "Aerosol Filtration Protection" certification by TÜV Rheinland for its vehicle class)

Zhilian technology upgrades, software and hardware work together to create a "smart cockpit"

Adhering to the development concept of "bringing the world into the cockpit", at the level of Zhilian Technology, which is of particular concern to users, Link05 has built a new era of intelligent cockpit with its strong software development capabilities and top-level hardware. With more features at your fingertips, the cockpit becomes a full extension of everyday space.

In the era of the Internet of Everything, Link 2.0's intelligent vehicle machine system innovatively creates car home interconnection functions, connects vehicle machines and smart home appliances, and realizes unbounded interconnection. Smart home appliances can be remotely controlled by the Link05 car, and voice commands can realize the functions of car control smart home appliances in multiple scenarios.

At the same time, Linker is one of the few brands in the world to solve and provide car sharing technology. It can easily realize car sharing on the APP side, and share your car with family and friends in free time. Bringing a smarter and more convenient car ownership life to users, Lingke has innovatively created express delivery services, relying on car networking to open multiple system platforms and break the boundaries of service scenarios. At the same time, the Link 2.0 smart car is compatible with rich multi-scenario APP applications, which can fully meet the diverse and personalized needs of users.

(Linke 05 cockpit)

At the hardware level, the "smart central brain" Qualcomm Snapdragon 820A car-grade chip is designed for the automotive ecosystem and brings powerful performance support to automotive infotainment systems. For the first time, Link05 uses a 12.7-inch floating central touch screen to optimize the overall visual sense and enhance the technological luxury atmosphere of the interior. The screen uses Corning Gorilla Glass, which is flexible and delicate to the touch, and also supports Full HD picture quality with a resolution of 1920 * 1080P. In terms of screen integration technology, the same In-Cell technology as the Apple iPhone is used, and the screen brightness and resolution have reached industry-leading levels.

In order to meet the younger generation's advanced needs for in-vehicle intelligent configuration, the Link05 is equipped with a 7.5-inch full-color HUD head-up display that displays driving-related information such as speed, navigation, ADAS, and vehicle safety-related warnings in real time to keep the driver's sight always ahead. Road to improve driving safety. The new 12.3-inch widescreen full LCD smart meter supports the full map mode, making every journey accurate and calm.

(Lingke 05 News)

Multi-dimensional interactive experience, sound and light touch the senses and enjoy high value

Bringing a unique “multi-dimensional interaction” driving experience to drivers and drivers, we have received more than 05 exclusive interactive technologies, bringing a new high-value experience from multiple sensory dimensions such as sound, light and touch. In terms of acoustic interaction, Lingke 05 provides natural semantic recognition and voice control. Users can express their needs in habitual expressions. The system can accurately identify and analyze semantics and execute corresponding commands. At the same time, it has the ability of directional pickup and sound source localization, and can distinguish the instructions of different positions of the main and co-pilot seats. Upgraded new AI voice assistant with cloud learning capabilities.

With a number of exclusive luxury configurations, the Collar 05 brings stunning sensory enjoyment to the driver. 360W high-power 10-speaker Infinity premium audio, combined with Logic 7® technology, creates an impressive immersive sound field environment for the Link05. At the same time, the sound system is equipped with Harman HALO SONIC active noise reduction technology, which further improves the quietness of the cabin and optimizes the ride comfort.

(Lingke 05 Touch Multifunction Steering Wheel)

Innovatively equipped with CSD fingerprint recognition technology, which can be bound to user accounts and get user-specific preferences with one click. The electric trunk uses a unique touch-type opening at the same level, and the trunk opening sensing area lit by the LED breathing light perfectly integrates design and practical functions. Lingke 05's unique 16 million color stepless streamer ambient lights are arranged in 20 places in the car, supporting a variety of light effects linkage, including voice linkage, music follower, Welcome & Goodbye interaction effects, and changes with driving mode, allowing the cockpit to change The atmosphere changes freely, and the driver and occupant experience is richer.

Based on a keen insight into young consumer groups in the new era, Lingke 05 intelligently creates luxury driving fun with extreme technological strength. Through intelligent and comfortable cockpit environment and rich and practical technology configuration, it can meet consumers' increasingly personalized car needs .

Collar 05 time limited edition, pay tribute to ten years in the name of time

2020 is the tenth anniversary of Geely's acquisition of Volvo Cars, and the collar 05 is the latest display of the results of Geely's technical cooperation with Volvo. In the finale of this live event, Chen Siying, deputy general manager of Linke Auto Sales Co., Ltd., unveiled the limited time model of Linke 05.

( Collect 05 Limited Edition)

The "Time Limited Edition" model is equipped with the Drive-E series 2.0TD high-power engine, which matches the Aisin 8AT manual automatic transmission, and is equipped with extreme technology and intelligent configurations such as L2 + intelligent driving assistance. Light black urban sports wheels, Nubuck time limited exclusive steering wheels, exclusive red sports seat belts, exclusive color matching and logos, etc. not only have unique and outstanding vehicle visual effects, but also powerful sports genes will give car owners a more extreme driving control experience. In addition, all 1005 time limited edition owners will enjoy five years of free basic maintenance and time limited edition exclusive delivery gift box.

Taking time as the carrier, it highlights the technological evolution behind the Lectra brand, and conveys the philosophy of life that “time is the true limit”. This is also the in-depth thinking of the Lectra brand pushing the “time limited edition” model after the Lectra 01. .

(Chen Siying, deputy general manager of Lingke Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., unveiled the limited time of Lingke 05 )

Chen Siying, deputy general manager of Lectra Car Sales Co., Ltd. said, "When the Lectra brand launched the 01-time limited edition model, we hoped to work with our urban ethnic group to create the connotation of the brand. Today's Lectra 05-time limited edition, It has also witnessed the continuous development and progressive course of the Link brand. Born in the Internet era, Link Group has always adhered to the user-centric, market-oriented, temperature-oriented brand, spanning the traditional automotive dimension and serving the majority of consumers. Bring more high-value experiences that are more than just cars. Over the past two years, Link has gained the trust and support of over 260,000 users, from the initial brand building to brand development and market performance. In the future, Link will continue to bring users the ultimate product experience and brand experience, and reach the goal of millions of magnitudes; at the same time, in the future, it will also carry the mission of globalization of Chinese cars and represent Chinese cars to the world. "