Color TV prices return to rationality, TCL TV prices will also increase

Since the second half of this year, global LCD panel prices have been rising all the way, and rising prices in the upper reaches of the industrial chain have also gradually returned TV prices to rationality. Since August, many color TV brands have been increasing the prices of TVs. From August 28th, the retail market price of a number of Xiaomi’s TVs will be increased by 100 yuan (USD $14) to 300 yuan (USD $43) ; then the Huawei Honor Smart Screen X1 series TV will be increased by 200 yuan (USD $29) as a whole; and from September 1st, Skyworth TV also announced To increase prices across the board, prices have increased by approximately 15% from August. It can be seen that the price increase brought about by the upstream industry chain has allowed domestic manufacturers to compete in the market at a more reasonable price and no longer blindly fight a price war.

And today there is news that TCL, one of the domestic color TV giants, will also adjust its prices in mid-October. According to outflow information, the highest increase in LCD panels in October has reached 22.4%, which can be described as a significant increase. From the perspective of market conditions, in the face of such an increase, all manufacturers are adjusting prices and making reasonable responses, instead of emphasizing only price wars.

The reason for the collective price increase of color TVs this time is mainly due to the rapid growth of the global color TV market in Q3, with a month-on-month increase of 10%, and Q4 is affected by additional stocking and demand continues to rise. Upstream chip resources are subject to production capacity and are still in short supply in Q4. Screens and chips are still in extreme shortage in Q4, and upstream resource prices continue to rise. Compared with the price in September, the 32-inch display has the most significant increase, reaching 22.4%, the 43-55-inch size has increased by 15%, and the 65-inch and above sizes have increased by 5% or more.

With the gradual approach of traditional consumption seasons such as National Day and Double Eleven, in the face of insufficient supply and increasing demand, prices are bound to have room for further increases. Therefore, if consumers want to buy a TV, it is recommended to start as soon as possible. At this stage, it is more cost-effective to place an order before some manufacturers such as TCL have raised prices. To avoid higher costs due to further price increases.