Colorful enters the game market: the first product, Jiangxing X15, will start pre-sale soon

In recent years, board card manufacturers have entered the market of gaming laptops and all-in-ones, so as to get rid of the excessive dependence on DIY. Recently, Colorful has also joined the team. According to its official Weibo content, the first game of Colorful Rainbow will be launched soon, and the pre-sale will start on March 5.

The day before yesterday, the official Weibo of Colorful Technology announced this product and released a set of comics. It mainly tells the story of the performance of “Feng Shen” by the students of the drama club, and mainly creates the image of the mythical character of “Lei Zhenzi”.

Coupled with today’s promotional posters, many people speculate that the Colorful Star X15 game would have focused on national style elements. After all, as the market has entered the Red Sea, differentiation has become a compulsory course for every manufacturer.

In the comics, the A side and C side of the product are not depicted in detail. Regarding this, I think it may be that the official wants to hide some design surprises, or that the star X15 itself focuses on a simple appearance, of course, it may be too lazy to paint . However, if only a national style wallpaper can be said to be a selling point, I think it is more exaggerated.

According to the official poster released today, it can be seen that the appearance of the Star X15 is very tough. At present, the interface can only see the RJ45 on the right side, a USB Type-A and USB Type-C, and there seems to be an SD card reader. Other information about the internal hardware is still unclear.

Taking into account the current environment of the game, the starting price of the Colorful Star X15 should not be expensive, but I don’t know what the pricing is and whether it can be bought. If you are interested, you can pay attention to it. After all, the pre-sale will start on March 5th, so the release time should be coming soon.