Come out after a thousand calls? New products of Lenovo rescuer

On August 17, the official micro of Lenovo rescuer announced that a new “115W” new product will be released on August 25. Obviously, this is the long-awaited new product r7000p rtx2060.

R7000, which has been on the market for a long time, has won a very good sales volume and reputation with its high cost performance sharp dragon processor and solid stacking. Unfortunately, there is no news about the high configuration version of r7000. Up to now, it can only be configured to gtx1650ti + 60Hz, so many users have been waiting for it.

This time, it seems that the party is really close to victory. It is reported that the r7000p will be equipped with RTX 2060 video card + 144hz high color gamut video game screen, and from the preheating, it can be seen that the TGP of the mobile version of 2060 can reach the upper limit of 115W! You should know that the TGP of the y7000p with Intel processor is only 100W.

On the 18th, Lenovo employees’ micro BLOG @ jixiaoran released the r7000p running score, and revealed that the new product could achieve excellent performance of 65W single baking and 45W + 115W double baking.

R7000p will be launched on Jingdong self owned and Lenovo official websites on August 25. However, combined with Lenovo’s previous new product launches and this new product’s ultra-high heat, I’m afraid it’s inevitable to be out of stock, just need to pay close attention to friends.