Comprehensive performance is unstoppable-VAIO releases full-featured thin and light VAIO 14

On October 14, 2020, VAIO, a well-known Japanese laptop brand, launched a new notebook product in mainland China: VAIO Shi 14 (FH14). The new notebook product is named "Shi", which means that VAIO Shi 14 is like a person when used. The guards, with their comprehensive performance, provide the users with unconstrained creations and assists. When carried, they are like a servant. The light weight allows the TA to accompany him. The VAIO 14 models are the first to be equipped with the 11th generation Intel® Core™ processor. The powerful core drives the notebook performance into a new era. VAIO 14 can be configured with NVIDIA® GTX1650Ti discrete graphics card, with outstanding graphics processing capabilities, the weight of the whole machine is only about 1.4 kg*1, so that powerful "creativity" can also keep up with the light pace. On October 14, VAIO's self-operated flagship store of VAIO Shi 14 launched the first two colors of colorful black, platinum, gold and silver. Pre-sale discounts. Purchase models from only 6499 yuan (USD $928) to enjoy the full performance of VAIO Shi 14 dare to be the first. Experience.

Innovative configuration empowers creation

The new VAIO Shi 14 models are equipped with Intel® 11th generation Core™ i7-1165G7 processor (*i5-1135G7 configuration is optional), the processor adopts the new Willow Cove micro-architecture, 10 nanometer SuperFin™ innovative process technology, and the processor The base frequency is as high as 2.8GHz, and the turbo frequency is as high as 4.7GHz. Compared with the tenth generation processor, the overall performance is improved by about 24%.

In addition, VAIO 14 can be configured with NVIDIA® GTX 1650Ti (*NVIDIA® GTX 1650, Iris® Xe core graphics card models are optional), the graphics card uses a new generation of Turing architecture, excellent graphics processing performance, and presents vivid and smooth pictures Performance ability. The internal arrangement of the twin turbo fan cooling system effectively enhances the cooling efficiency and ensures the stable and continuous release of the overall hardware performance. Whether it is creative creation or a smooth game, it can be easily controlled.

Delicate pictures show more exciting

Designers and professional photographers in the creative field often have higher requirements for notebook displays. VAIO 14 can be equipped with 4K resolution IPS display (*FHD display configuration is optional), and the exquisite picture performance brings immersion Style visual experience, presenting every wonderful picture. The 4K configuration model has a color gamut of up to 100% sRGB*1, and the display screen is more vivid and vivid.

The display color is calibrated by Pantone's authoritative color (*optional function) to accurately restore the display color, and what you see is what you get to bring a real visual experience.

Lightweight body with creativity

In the traditional impression, the outstanding performance of the notebook is always equal to the heavy body, which greatly affects the notebook experience. The new VAIO Shi 14 upholds the brand's uncompromising spirit, with strong hardware performance and lightweight body design, but the weight of the whole machine is only about 1.4 kg*2, allowing the powerful "creativity" VAIO Shi 14 to accompany easily The user uses it, and at the same time significantly reduces the burden of the user when going out.

Details remodeling, intimate and comfortable to use

VAIO Shi 14 fuselage top cover adopts integrated magnesium-aluminum alloy to ensure stable and reliable overall rigidity of the fuselage. Inheriting the consistent user-friendly design of the VAIO brand, the smooth arc chamfer of the VAIO Shi 14 body makes it more comfortable to use. VAIO 14 offers colorful black, platinum and silver, two personalized color matching of the fuselage, high-quality full-body spray paint process, shaping a sharp and simple design style.

VAIO Servant 14 colorful black

VAIO Servant 14 Platinum and Silver

Raiden 4 interface transmission expands instantly

VAIO 14 has a wealth of built-in expansion interfaces, HDMI, LAN, SD memory card slots, USB-C, USB-A and other interfaces are arranged on both sides of the fuselage. Among them, the USB-C interface on the left side of the fuselage supports the Thunderbolt 4 transmission protocol, and the data throughput is up to 40Gb/s *3, and the transmission and reading can be achieved instantly. The complete built-in interface fully meets the user's expanded use needs in diverse use environments.

From October 14th to October 22nd, VAIO's self-operated flagship store officially opened the VAIO Shi 14 pre-sale activity. All models will enjoy the first pre-sale price discount, as well as additional VAIO Shi 14 custom backpacks. Surprise gift. VAIO 14's diversified hardware configuration options meet individual hardware requirements, and provide new choices for notebook users who pay attention to notebook creative performance and portability.

VAIO Shi 14 custom backpack

Appendix: Configuration table:

Additional notes:

*1 The weight is the factory test weight. According to different notebook hardware configurations, the weight may vary slightly.

*2 The interface transmission rate part refers to official data.Due to different environments and conditions, actual usage and test results will be different.

*3 FHD configuration models have a color gamut of 72% NTSC