Configuration experience has new surprises, detailed evaluation of Honor V40

Honor’s first new machine after independence is finally here. Honor V40 is a new product that is very worthy of attention. Despite facing a lot of difficulties and pressure, Honor still brings us a new machine with enough sincerity. The 50-megapixel RYYB super-sensitive main camera, 120Hz 1 billion-color waterfall screen, etc., equipped with the Honor V40, all add a lot of appeal to it. How is the actual experience with this phone? Let’s get to know it through evaluation.

Appearance: immersive effect of curved waterfall screen

The Honor V40 is equipped with a 6.72-inch OLED curved screen with an 80-degree super-curve design and a relatively large curvature. The left and right sides of the screen have almost vertical visual effects, so the left and right black edges can be greatly reduced.

The left and right black edges of the Honor V40 screen are narrower than ordinary curved screens, the upper and lower borders are also well controlled, and the visual immersion is significantly improved. The screen is designed with double holes in the upper left corner, the aperture is slender, and it is easier to integrate with the status bar. The screen-to-body ratio reaches 93.24%, and the overall visual effect is satisfactory.

The screen almost extends to the back of the fuselage. The middle frame of the fuselage is already very small. The volume and power buttons have been moved to a very back position, giving the feeling of floating the buttons on the screen. Because the screen curvature is relatively large, the accidental touch problem is also worthy of concern.

Honor V40 has been specially optimized for the problem of false touch on the curved screen, and supports intelligent identification of effective operations and false touch operations, reducing the probability of false touch. In the few days of experience, the normal grip and use basically did not affect the operation due to accidental touch, so don’t worry too much about this part.

In terms of display quality, the Honor V40’s screen supports 120Hz high refresh rate, 300Hz touch sampling rate, 1 billion colors of original color display, the screen resolution is 2676×1236, and the PPI reaches 440, which is a bit clearer than the current mainstream 1080P screen. The global peak brightness of the screen reaches 800 nits, and it is easy to see under the sun.

In addition to the high screen specifications, Honor V40 also added a comprehensive color management function. Different color coding formats such as sRGB and AdobeRGB can be accurately converted to the P3 color gamut, thus presenting more accurate color effects without obvious over-saturation.

If there is no color management function, when the sRGB color coded content is displayed on a wide color gamut screen, the saturation may be too high and the picture is too bright. Just like the effect demonstrated in the picture above, the real color is on the left, and it may be displayed in a more vivid color on the right. The Honor V40 with comprehensive color management can avoid this problem.

For a high-quality screen, it is more important to have comprehensive color management, so that the advantages of an excellent screen can be fully utilized.

The overall specifications of the Honor V40 screen are very high, and the color performance, smoothness, and fineness of the screen have reached a high level. This should also be the highest-spec screen in the history of Honor, and it has obvious advantages in screen display effects.

In terms of actual look and feel, the Honor V40’s screen is not only exquisite, but also very natural in terms of color, and it looks very comfortable without being overly gorgeous. With a highly immersive curved surface design and a high refresh rate of 120Hz, the visual experience of different scenes is very powerful.

In other display details, Honor V40 also supports 4096-level brightness adjustment, passed TÜV Rheinland’s global eye protection certification 2.0, etc., as well as eye protection mode, e-book mode, dark mode, etc., which can further enhance the display effect of the screen. .

The back of the Honor V40 has a special design. A rectangular area near the camera module has been specially treated. Through the double-layer texture coating process, the rectangular area presents a more obvious highlight effect, the color is close to the base color of the fuselage, and the rest is matte.

The combination of two processes with different effects brings a more layered visual effect, and the overall recognition of the mobile phone is higher. Honor V40 is available in three colors: Magic Night Black, Titanium Silver and Rose Gold, which can satisfy users who like different styles.

In terms of feel, the Honor V40 has a thickness of 8.04mm and a weight of 186g. This specification is relatively easy to hold, not very pressing, with a four-curved design, the hand feels mellow and delicate, and the holding experience is good.

In other respects, Honor V40 supports on-screen fingerprint recognition, which can be opened in seconds, and can also be used with facial recognition, which is very convenient to unlock. The Honor V40 is equipped with three-dimensional dual speakers, which can create a three-dimensional effect when externally placed, and the sound will not be very thin. The audio experience of externally playing vibrato and playing games has been significantly improved.

The Honor V40 also supports NFC, is equipped with a Type-C interface, and removes the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Game: High frame rate games are smoother

The Honor V40 is equipped with Dimensity 1000+ chips, adopts 7nm process technology, and integrates 5G baseband. In terms of software, Honor V40 built-in the latest GPU Turbo X graphics acceleration engine, through the underlying intelligent control, improve game performance.

In terms of running points, the overall running points of Honor V40 AnTuTu reached 480,000+. In addition to performance, the Honor V40 is also equipped with Z-axis + X-axis dual linear motors, which can achieve independent vibration on the left and right sides, and playing games on the horizontal screen can bring more realistic vibration effects.

We chose three games, “Honor of the King”, “Peace Elite”, and “Cross the Line of Fire: Gunfight King” for actual testing.

Under the picture quality setting of full special effects, the average frame rate of “Honor of Kings” is 60 frames, with very small fluctuations throughout the process, which can ensure good smoothness and rapid operational response. The Honor V40 is adapted to 4D vibration, which will provide a delicate vibration effect when killing enemies, enrich the game experience and increase the fun of the game.

In the “Peace Elite” game test, we turned on the 90-frame mode by cracking. In actual tests, the average frame rate of “Peace Elite” is 88.9 frames. When there are too many players nearby or some driving scenes, the frame rate fluctuates slightly, and the frame rate is relatively stable for the rest of the time. Unfortunately, “Peace Elite” currently does not have a 4D vibration function.

“Crossing the Line of Fire: Gunfight King” supports 120-frame extremely high frame rate mode, and the screen special effects are also fully open. According to the number of frames recorded by the software, the average frame rate of the game reaches 118.9 frames. With a 120Hz screen, the game screen fluency is very smooth, raising the game fluency to a new level.

In terms of game detail experience, Honor V40 is equipped with a game assistant, which supports functions such as message do not disturb, display enhancement, etc. It can also reply to QQ and WeChat messages in the form of floating windows. Games that are adapted to the 4D vibration function can enable 4D vibration to obtain a richer gaming experience.

The 4D shock of the Honor V40 is currently adapted to games such as “Honor of Kings”, “New World of Gods and Demons”, “Happy Diminishment”.

Image: Super-sensitive main camera has good effect

The Honor V40 has a 50MP RYYB main camera + 8MP super wide-angle + 2MP macro triple camera combination, supports laser focus, and the front lens is 16 million pixels.

Among them, the 50 million RYYB main camera has a 1/1.56 inch photosensitive area, combined with the RYYB color filter array design, can greatly increase the amount of light input, and effectively improve the image quality under dark light. After the main camera passes through the four-in-one pixel, the single pixel area can reach 2.0μm.

In a well-lit scene, the Honor V40’s main camera has excellent imaging effects, with clear and transparent photos and high purity. The Honor V40 will enable AI photography by default, which will be optimized according to different camera scenarios. The color of the Honor V40 will be slightly more vivid while being more realistic. The blue sky in the above sample is bluer than the actual one, which is more pleasing to the eye, but the overall color still looks natural and comfortable.

By default, the main camera uses the four-in-one pixel to generate a 12.5 million pixel photo. The details are in place, which can easily meet the daily sharing on social networks. If the detail requirements are relatively high, high-pixel mode can be used to generate a 50-megapixel photo.

RYYB is not the first time that Honor has used the main camera, so don’t worry about color tuning. In different scenes, the color of the photos can be truly restored for the Honor V40, and the color restoration of green plants is also very accurate.

The latitude of Honor V40 photos is very high. In some scenes with high light ratio, backlit subjects can also be properly exposed. Faced with some more extreme light scenes, it is easy to take a high-quality photo.

Main photo△

Ultra wide angle△

Honor V40 supports ultra-wide-angle mode. The imaging in ultra-wide-angle mode is much wider than the main camera, which is suitable for shooting some grand scenes. The color of the super wide-angle is similar to that of the main camera, but the overall color of the super wide-angle is slightly lighter. The ultra-wide-angle proofs have corrected the edge distortion, and the visual effect is closer to reality. Of course, due to the limitations of the lens, the imaging quality in the ultra-wide-angle mode is not as good as the main camera. If you pay more attention to the imaging quality, you can choose the main camera to shoot.

Default main camera△

Main camera night scene mode△

In terms of night shooting, the Honor V40’s suppression of highlights in the default mode is relatively in place, with good purity. In the night scene mode, the brightness of the photo should be significantly improved while maintaining the overall texture. It is worth mentioning that the colors in the night scene mode are relatively more accurate, closer to the colors of the real scene, and the overall look and feel is better.

Main camera default△

Main camera night scene mode△

In some darker scenes, Honor V40 can also guarantee sufficient brightness and a purer picture, providing more possibilities for shooting in different scenes.

In the night scene mode, the phone will automatically perform a long exposure for a few seconds. If you don’t want to wait for the complete exposure process, you can stop the long exposure at any time, which is more user-friendly.

Black gold filter△

Through the filter that comes with the camera, you can also take different styles and enrich the photo gameplay.

It is worth mentioning that because the Honor V40 is equipped with laser focus, it can focus successfully in an instant, and the focus experience is quite good. However, when taking pictures of some scenes, the image of the viewfinder frame is slightly different from the actual imaging effect, and the actual imaging effect is better.

The RYYB outsole main camera of the Honor V40 has excellent imaging effects, which can meet the needs of various scenes. With laser focusing, the actual camera experience is also very good. However, the overall combination of Honor V40 rear is not very luxurious. The main highlight is the main camera, which can easily meet the shooting needs of most daily scenes.

More proofs:

Main camera default△

Main camera night scene mode△

Main photo△

Ultra wide angle△

Charging life

The Honor V40 supports 66W wired fast charging, 50W wireless super fast charging, and the battery capacity is 4000mAh. We have all tested the charging endurance.

The charging test starts after the phone’s power is exhausted and automatically shuts down. It can reach 38% power in 10 minutes, 74% power in 20 minutes, and it only takes 34 minutes to reach 100% power. The actual charging speed is fast, which also makes fragmented charging more meaningful. Normally, you can get a lot of power after charging for more than ten minutes, and the charging experience is better.

In the battery life part, we conducted a 3-hour continuous battery life test, including watching videos online, brushing Weibo, Douyin, and playing games. After the endurance test, the final remaining power is 55%. The 120Hz high refresh rate mode is turned on throughout the test. If you turn on the smart refresh rate mode (you can also directly set it to a more power-efficient 60Hz refresh rate), you can theoretically get better battery life.

System: Experience smarter and more convenient

The Honor V40 is equipped with Magic UI 4.0, which performs very well in terms of appearance and animation effects. With a 120Hz refresh rate screen, the smoothness is quite good. The system has also optimized the vibration effect. You can experience the delicate vibration brought by the dual linear motor when you open the multi-task interface, set the alarm clock and other scenes.

Magic UI 4.0 has many features and supports smart multi-window function. It can not only open multiple small windows, but also fold multiple tasks into the floating ball. It is very convenient to switch, and multiple windows are more practical. While reading the article, you can open a small window to watch the live video, etc.

The AOD screen of the Honor V40 can use custom photos, and you can also take photos and pick colors, apply your favorite configuration to the corresponding AOD screen, and have more personalized options. Magic UI 4.0 also has convenient and practical functions such as AI subtitles, universal translation, multi-screen collaboration, and privacy protection, which can bring a more comprehensive and excellent user experience.

Write at the end

Honor V40 is a mobile phone with no obvious shortcomings and an excellent comprehensive experience. At the same time, this phone also has many highlights. The RYYB outsole super-sensitive main camera, 120Hz high-quality waterfall screen, 66W fast charging and other configurations have added unique competitiveness to the Honor V40. Give users a flagship core experience.

In addition, the control of details such as dual speakers, dual linear motors, and game optimization makes the comprehensive experience of the Honor V40 more perfect. On the Honor V40, not only can you feel the familiar style of Honor phones, but also brings some new differences. Although the Honor V40 is not a very top-level flagship phone, it is also what Honor can bring to everyone in a serious environment in terms of configuration and performance.