Configuration upgrade! HP wars 66 fourth-generation business notebooks are about to hit

As the leader of HP's business notebook and series of products, the Zhan 66 series is about to usher in the fourth-generation upgrade. According to the poster information released by @HP电脑官微, the fourth generation of Zhan 66 will open an appointment on October 19th. The highlight of this update is the full upgrade to Intel's 11th generation Core processor, and it is equipped with the current strongest light and thin notebook. The MX450 alone significantly improves business performance. In addition, the Zhan 66 fourth generation will also bring a brand new appearance design, I believe that there will be a greater change in molds, interfaces, etc.

The new Intel 11th-generation Core processor codenamed Tiger Lake, 10nm process, the new Willow Cove core, on the basis of 8 threads, the single-core turbo frequency is greatly improved, and its overall power consumption can be controlled at 7-15W and Between 12-28W, it also means that the new notebook can be made thinner and longer battery life.

Another bigger highlight is the new Intel Iris Xe core display , with a maximum execution unit of 96, a core frequency of 1.35GHz, and the ability to run games such as "League of Legends" and "CS:GO" at 1080P 60fps; And it can run high-definition games such as "Battlefield 5" and "PUBG Mobile" at 1080P 30fps. The overall performance is 2 times higher than that of the previous generation Ice Lake Iris Plus core, the number of execution units has been increased from 64 to 96, the core frequency has been increased from 1.1GHz to 1.35GHz, and the L3 has reached 3.8MB. The performance is compared to AMD Ryzen 7. The 4800U is equipped with an increase of 1.5 times.

A better news is that the fourth generation of the 66th generation is also equipped with MX450 independent display. According to previous relevant information, MX450 uses the TU117 Turing architecture core, which is the same as the dedicated GeForce GTX1650 unique display for gaming notebooks. Compared with the 640 of the MX350, it will also be greatly improved, and the overall performance is 22% higher than that of the MX350. It is a perfect match for the 11th generation Core processor. Therefore, it can be expected that the new Z66 fourth-generation business notebooks will be able to easily deal with more complex and arduous business applications.

In addition, in terms of appearance molds, it can be seen from the poster that the new Z66 4th generation will have great changes compared with the previous generation, especially the narrower screen frame will bring a larger screen-to-body ratio , which will bring business office Better visual effects. In addition, although the Z66 third-generation interface is rich enough, but for example, Thunderbolt interface, USB interface, etc., it is possible to provide the latest version.

For business people who travel frequently, the thin and portable body is obviously more worth looking forward to. This generation of Zhan 66 is made of metal on the A/CD surface, and the weight of the whole machine is controlled at 1.38kg, which is more portable.

Obviously, Intel’s 11th-generation processors, MX450 independent display and other hard-core upgrades have brought significant performance improvements and longer battery life. At the same time, the upgrade of the mold will make the notebook thinner and more attractive. At present, the official has not announced the more detailed configuration and the prices of different versions, but the information revealed through the posters has already felt that the new products are full of sincerity. Let us look forward to the launch of the new Zhan 66 fourth-generation business book!