Conscience Audi? 2021 e-tron exposure: increased endurance, lower price

As a representative of luxury brands, Audi has been far ahead of Mercedes Benz and BMW in terms of technology content. With the growing market of new energy vehicles, Audi began layout a long time ago, striving to share its own cake in this virgin land.

Today, foreign media officially exposed the technical information of Audi 2021 e-tron. It is understood that there is no great change in the body design of Audi e-tron this time. However, in terms of endurance, the 2021 Audi e-tron has increased to 357 km, 29 km higher than the old model.

In addition to a small increase in the endurance, Audi also further reduced the price of the U.S. version of the e-tron. It is reported that the new Audi e-tron starts at $65900, and the car can enjoy a US $7500 federal tax credit, reducing the starting price to $58400.

You can see that the old Audi e-tron starts at $74900, but now the price of the new model has dropped to $58400. It is estimated that the customers who have bought the old car are bleeding.

It is worth mentioning that the domestic version of Audi e-tron has also made new progress. At present, the model has appeared in the latest batch of new energy vehicle promotion catalogue of the Ministry of industry and information technology, produced by FAW Volkswagen. In terms of parameters, the domestic Audi e-tron uses ternary lithium battery, and the NEDC can last up to 465km.