Continue to develop IoT, OPPO takes the lead in personal IoT

According to news on February 3, iResearch recently released the “2021 China Personal Internet of Things Industry Research White Paper”, which proposed the concept of personal Internet of Things, which is centered on individuals/individual users, through personal only devices, and connected according to agreed agreements People, things and other information resources, an intelligent service system that meets the needs of individuals to support high-quality and convenient life.

IResearch pointed out in the “2021 China Personal Internet of Things Industry Research White Paper” that currently in the field of personal Internet of Things, there are already many leading companies in the field. According to the two dimensions of user attractiveness and technical service capabilities, the white paper divides enterprises involved in the personal Internet of Things into four categories: continuous empowerment, active innovation, intensive cultivation and breakthrough exploration.

Thanks to the continuous popularization of smart phones, head phone manufacturers are leading the market in the ecological layout of personal IoT, driving the industry into a new era of Internet of Everything. The white paper summarizes and lists four companies: OPPO, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Apple as core analysis cases.

Among them, OPPO formally established the Emerging Mobile Terminal Business Unit in January 2019, with a three-circle layout around the three major scenarios of personal entertainment, home furnishing, and sports and health.

In 2020, OPPO will continue to make efforts in the IoT field, and has successively launched new IOT products such as smart watches/smart TVs/wireless headsets. Currently, more than 5 million users are using OPPO’s IoT products. In just one year, OPPO has achieved good results in the IoT field and has a place in the emerging personal Internet of Things field. IoT products such as OPPO Watch and OPPO Enco series headsets, linked with OPPO mobile phones, bring users a first-class technological experience.

It is understood that in 2021, OPPO will focus on accelerating the full-scene layout around sports health, travel, office and home, and use multiple smart terminals to drive future development to create a seamlessly connected, free and intelligent life for users.

On multiple occasions in 2020, OPPO has publicly expressed its goal of creating a seamless and comfortable life for users. OPPO is also continuously expanding its product categories, making continuous efforts in the field of home Internet of Things and personal Internet of Things, establishing a closer and natural linkage experience between the two, and creating value for users.

Based on OPPO’s high-end genes and explosive capabilities for more than ten years, we may be able to expect that OPPO will surprise users in more product categories in 2021.