Core display performance surpasses GTX 1050Ti, Intel's 11th generation Core running points are exposed

There is already definite information that Intel is about to hold a press conference on September 2 to officially launch the 11th-generation mobile core processor. According to the news, the 11th-generation mobile core processor still uses the specifications of 4 cores and 8 threads, adopts a 10nm process, and is equipped with a Xe architecture core graphics card.

Today, a Twitter blogger broke the news that the 11th generation Core processor i7-1185G7 has a silent frequency of 2.99GHz, a turbo frequency of up to 4.79GHz, and a core display frequency of 1.55GHz, which is a very big improvement compared to the previous generation i7-1065G7.

In the OpenCL test of GeekBench 5, the score of i7-1185G7 was 22059 points. In the GeekBench database, this score has surpassed GTX1050Ti, which looks ridiculous, but the actual situation is definitely better.

At present, many notebook manufacturers have released products equipped with the 11th generation Core and MX450. The performance of the MX450 is currently unknown. I hope that the performance will not be surpassed by the nuclear display.