Cost-effective active noise canceling headset Huawei FreeLace Pro wireless headset review

1. Foreword: Freelace Pro is the first full upgrade of active noise reduction

True wireless earphones on the market are becoming popular, and they are gradually becoming the trend of choice for manufacturers and users. At the same time, neck-worn wireless earphones that originated earlier are still favored by many users.

Perhaps this favor is due to the morphological advantages of neck-worn wireless headphones. Compared with true wireless headphones, they do not have to worry about loss even under strenuous exercise; larger batteries can also make battery life longer; two The wired connection between the headsets also makes it easier to solve synchronization and delay. The addition of a wire brings these advantages and even a more affordable price-it is no wonder that neck-worn wireless headsets are still used by many people. First choice.

惊喜不止主动降噪!华为FreeLace Pro无线耳机评测:599元超值升级

Huawei FreeLace Pro wireless headset Chenxi White

Therefore, in order to meet the needs of all aspects, whether it is a traditional audio manufacturer or a new mobile phone manufacturer, while catching up with the true wireless trend, they will not forget to launch their own neck-worn wireless headset products at the same time.

Even the big manufacturer Huawei is no exception. Last year, it launched its first neck-worn wireless headset-Huawei FreeLace wireless headset. The unique hidden Type-C interface makes people shine, not only solves the extra cable The burden of in-line connection and pairing also makes Bluetooth pairing more convenient.

After a lapse of one and a half years, Huawei launched its upgraded version-Huawei FreeLace Pro wireless headset, which not only has a new earplug shape design, but also fits and is stronger. The moving coil unit is upgraded to a larger 14mm, and the battery life is increased to In 24 hours, a new active noise reduction function has been added, which can better isolate external noise. In addition, the flash and fast charge function of the original USB-C interface is retained.

In addition to the sincere product configuration, the price is only 599 yuan (USD $86) , and the product strength and cost performance are quite amazing.

This time, Kuai Technology also received the Huawei FreeLace Pro wireless headset for the first time. Then, in the detailed evaluation, we will experience the changes in the Pro version after the comprehensive upgrade.

惊喜不止主动降噪!华为FreeLace Pro无线耳机评测:599元超值升级

Overview of Huawei FreeLace Pro wireless headset parameters