Create a more extreme gaming experience Lenovo Rescuer releases many new products

On May 7th, Lenovo Rescuer held a “New Life” spring 2020 new product online conference at Lenovo Global Headquarters, launching a new Rescuer notebook series product, a new Rescuer blade machine series product, and a new Rescuer IP In addition to the options and the DIY overall solution for Lenovo ’s abilities, in addition, the customized version of the Lenovo Scooter M2 Rescue was also unveiled at the press conference. During the live broadcast, the League of Legends S9 Global Champion Team FPX also airborne in the live broadcast room, bringing many surprise benefits for fans and witnessing the birth of new products with everyone. Many powerful products were unveiled at the press conference. While continuing the brand proposition of “Born for War” in the Rescuer series, the company further upgraded its products and innovated technologies to bring a gluttonous feast of game products to the majority of players.

The three swords of “soul, competition and speed” shine together, new products bring a hard core experience

With its excellent performance and reliable quality, Rescuer notebook products have always been loved by the majority of players, and each iteration of the product upgrade will bring a lot of surprises to users. At this spring’s new product launch conference, Lin Lin, director of notebook product planning for Lenovo China’s consumer business, took the lead on the stage and introduced the Saver 2020 series of products to over one million online users. The new savior notebook still maintains the division of the three series of “soul, competition, and speed”, where “soul” corresponds to the flagship e-sports savior Y9000K 2020, and “sales” corresponds to the professional esports savior Y7000P 2020, The “speed” corresponds to the Y7000 & R7000 2020, the player’s game saver. As a brand-new product model, R7000 2020 is equipped with AMD® Ryzen ™ 4000 series standard pressure processor with 7nm technology, and its multi-tasking capability is further improved. At the same time, all series of upgraded Y series products can choose the 10th generation Intel® CoreTM standard pressure processor, which is powerful and more versatile. In addition, the newest product of the rescuer notebook is equipped with a GeForce® RTX 2080 SUPER ™ graphics card at the most, chasing power and boosting super performance.

In addition to the iterations on the platform, the new product of the rescuer notebook also brought four important changes in “new heat dissipation”, “new display”, “new performance” and “new experience”. The newly upgraded second-generation TSI frost blade heat dissipation system makes the product more efficient in heat dissipation and helps the perfect release of performance. The new Y9000K 2020 is also equipped with a VC liquid cooling system, even in the face of prolonged fierce battles, it can still remain “cold”.

The Rescuer notebook supports Dynamic Boost intelligent power distribution. The product can provide stronger graphics performance according to user needs without user manual intervention, helping the product to maintain the best state at all times. At the same time, the intelligent display switching technology has also been updated. The upgraded DDG2.0 technology allows images to be directly mapped to the screen through a high-performance discrete graphics card, resulting in higher frame rate output and better display effects. . Users can directly adjust the settings in the Lenovo computer housekeeper, avoiding the tedious steps of power on and off settings, and directly switch to the single display direct connection mode when needed, to ensure the smooth output of the screen; and when there is no high screen demand, switch Back to normal mode, it brings longer battery life, and achieves the perfect balance between performance and battery life.

As the tradition of the rescuer conference, every year when the new product is released, the rescuer will bring a lot of surprises to the user and lead the next trend of the industry. In this release, the new saviors Y7000 & R7000 2020 and Y7000P 2020 all use a 100% sRGB high color gamut screen, and Y9000K 2020 uses a 100% AdobeRGB wide color gamut screen. The color reproduction is more realistic and the display effect is more outstanding. In today’s increasingly demanding graphics requirements for game masterpieces, the high color gamut popularization of the rescuer will undoubtedly bring better visual experience for the majority of players, and also bring a better product experience for users with design needs.

Under the blessing of “new heat dissipation”, “new performance” and “new display”, the notebook products of the Savior have highlighted the extremely high performance level and display effect, bringing a “new experience” to users. The original curved keyboard of the entire series of Savior 2020 upgrades, bringing a longer life and better input feel; all products of the series have rich interfaces to provide more expansion and connection possibilities; the new LEGION super fast charging While reducing the size of the adapter, the charging efficiency has been further improved, and it can be fully charged with 50% power in 30 minutes. At the same time, a maximum capacity of 80Wh super-capacity battery ensures continuous play. The new products all support Dolby Atmos-enhanced version of the game. Among them, Y9000K 2000 is equipped with Dolby Atmos sound system, which supports built-in speakers and external headphones. In addition, Y7000P 2020 and Y9000K 2020 support Dolby Vision. The combination of audiovisual senses can bring a more immersive gaming experience.

In addition to the brand new Rescuer notebook series, Lenovo also released new Rescuer family products, including Lenovo Full HD camera, Rescuer Assassin series multifunctional shoulder bag X2, Rescuer Ammunition series aluminum alloy cooling bracket Z2, Rescuer Ammunition series Gaming mouse pad Speed Max C, to create a more complete game product ecosystem, to bring players an integrated game solution.

From the inside to the outside, the rescuer blade builds more powerful e-sports equipment

In addition to the release of the latest notebook products at this new rescuer conference, Tian Xu, director of product planning for Lenovo ’s consumer computers in China, also brought you four brand new desktop products, including the 7000K 2020 savior blade and the savior blade. 9000 2020, the Savior Blade 9000K 2020 and the classic-looking Y7000 2020. At the same time, the new Lenovo gamer overall game solution was also unveiled at this conference, bringing more choices and more professional services to the majority of players, and a new professional e-sports experience for game enthusiasts.

The new product series of Rescue Blade adopts a new design language. The new “Star Ring Y” LOGO lighting effect is combined with a large-area ventilated oversized chassis, and the game feels full. The newly upgraded magic night magic light ARGB lighting effect, through the large area of the chassis side penetration, let the product bloom in the dark night, multicolored light, become a unique night scenery.

In terms of performance, all new products have been upgraded to the 10th generation Intel® Core ™ processor, which is equipped with a GeForce® RTX 2080 SUPER ™ graphics card at the most to satisfy users’ pursuit of performance. At the same time, with the support of the new ITC 3.0 cooling system and the original 8-item power supply motherboard, the i7 processor equipped with the new Rescue Blade series is more powerful than the i9 processor under standard power consumption, and the CPU achieves leapfrog release. Blade 7000K 2020 uses a new generation of 120 fans and 150W of 5 heat pipe radiators for heat dissipation. The overall heat dissipation effect is better than 120mm water cooling, meeting the product needs of the majority of players. The new blade 9000K 2020 uses a 170W 240 water-cooled radiator, which provides more powerful heat dissipation and cooling capabilities, helps the full play of hardware performance, and brings the ultimate experience to enthusiast users.

In addition to a comprehensive upgrade in performance and appearance, the new products of the Saver Blade series have also evolved again in terms of upgrades and expansion. The blackened motherboard provides rich interfaces and brings more expansion options. UIY 3.0 improves the convenience of product maintenance and modification. In the blade 9000K, three dust screens can be easily removed and cleaned; the CPU backplane is open to facilitate the replacement of the radiator; the top supports 240mm water cooling, and the front supports 240 / 360mm Water cooling, any combination; the top line space can be up to 24mm, the line management space is larger, bringing better scalability and upgradeability.

At the press conference, the overall solution for Lenovo ’s ability to debut for the first time also became the focus of everyone ’s attention. Lenovo abilities provide users with a rich choice of accessories, support players to upgrade and expand to a greater degree and personalized customization, bringing greater freedom. At the same time, relying on Lenovo ’s professional technology, quality control and manufacturing system, Lenovo ’s product quality is more reliable. 2400+ service outlets and 12000+ professional engineers provide users with more professional and considerate services.

Lenovo Scooter M2 unveiled, the global champion team FPX airborne to send benefits

At the press conference, the appearance of Lenovo Scooter M2 also added “new” meaning to this press conference. Gao Zheng, senior director of product planning for the consumer eco-products business unit of Lenovo China, introduced details of the new Lenovo Smart Scooter M2 at the press conference. Lenovo Smart Scooter M2 builds a healthy low-carbon travel pioneer around “safety”, “comfort” and “intelligence”. The “0” gap folding technology patent, triple brake system, IP54 dustproof and waterproof design make travel worry-free; double hidden shock absorption, Hydraulic shock absorption, hot melt tire shock absorption, triple shock absorption design make travel easier; exclusive remote lock car exclusive remote lock car, fixed speed cruise, battery management, intelligent control makes travel more convenient.

During the live broadcast of the conference, as the official partner of Lenovo ’s rescuer, the League of Legends S9 Global Champion Team FPX also surprised the airborne new product conference live broadcast room, and witnessed the birth of the new product with the majority of players, while sending surprise benefits and detonating the scene.

For a long time, Lenovo Rescuer has been deeply immersed in the field of e-sports. As a representative product of powerful performance and excellent technology, Lenovo Rescuer has become a big IP in the minds of players. “Always take the user as the core” is the concept that Lenovo Rescuer has always adhered to. The stunning performance of the new series of spring 2020 in terms of appearance and configuration reflects the continuous efforts and breakthrough innovation of Lenovo Rescuer in meeting user needs. Perseverance.

The new products of the Lenovo Rescuer series will be sold online and offline omni-channel, Lenovo Rescuer Y9000K 2020 notebook starting price starts at 10999 yuan (USD $1571) , Rescuer Y7000P 2020 notebook starting price starts at 8699 yuan (USD $1243) , and Rescuer Y7000 2020 notebook starting price starts at 5999 yuan (USD $857) . The R7000 2020 notebook has a starting price of 5199 yuan (USD $743) , and online pre-sales are now open.

Rescue Blade 9000K / Blade 9000 computer pre-sale on May 25, snapped up on June 1st, starting price is 19481 yuan (USD $2783) and 8981 yuan (USD $1283) respectively, Rescue Blade 7000K computer is scheduled to be purchased on May 1st The starting price is 5499 yuan (USD $786) , the rescuer blade 7000P computer is scheduled to be purchased on May 7th, and the starting price is 7999 yuan (USD $1143) . At the same time, Lenovo scooter M2 is on sale at the same time, the starting price is only 1699 yuan (USD $243) .

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