Create the ultimate shooting experience vivo X60 Pro+ professional imaging flagship released

Following the official release of the vivo X60 series on December 29 last year, today, the X60 Pro+, the super-large cup in the X60 series, also officially debuted. As the flagship imaging product that also focuses on imaging quality, vivo X60 Pro+ has all-round improvements over X60 and X60 Pro. In terms of processors, X60 Pro+ is the world’s first batch of Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chips equipped with 5nm process technology, and has a breakthrough overall improvement in performance, 5G, camera, AI and games. As a professional imaging flagship, X60 Pro+ is still equipped with the vivo Zeiss joint imaging system. The imaging level meets Zeiss’s stringent optical standards. The dual-main camera system takes into account the outsole and the second-generation micro-head, allowing night shooting and stability.

In terms of design concept, vivo X60 Pro+ still returns to the original, and the elegant style achieves a balance between beauty and craftsmanship. The high-grade plain leather used in X60 Pro+ not only ensures the wear-resistant of the mobile phone, but also has natural skin-friendly properties, which can bring users a warm touch feel. Taking into account the needs of users, X60 Pro+ is available in two colors, deep sea blue and classic orange. The former conveys the reliable performance and professional image of X60 Pro+, while the latter is a tribute to classics.

At the same time, with its excellent optical imaging quality, vivo X60 Pro+ will be exhibited at the Zeiss Optical Museum in Germany, together with the world’s best optical technology, instruments and equipment for 175 years, for every visitor to the Zeiss Optical Museum. Learn more about the history and mystery of optics, and the changes it brings to our lives. In the more than 100 years since the establishment of the Zeiss Optical Museum, it has demonstrated the revolutionary milestones achieved by Zeiss through outstanding research in the 800-year exploration of humans in the field of optics.

In the Zeiss Optical Museum, users will see the microscopes used by Nobel Prize winners for research, photography about Zeiss and smartphones, cameras used by Hollywood filmmakers, and the stories behind the great photos in the world. In addition, there are telescopes and 17th-century microscopes, glasses of the Austrian emperor, and the latest smartphone microchips produced by Zeiss technology.

In terms of price, vivo X60 Pro+ offers 8GB+128GB and 12GB+256GB two configuration versions to choose from, the prices are 4998 yuan (USD $714) and 5998 yuan (USD $857) respectively; on January 21, vivo X60 Pro+ will be available for pre-sale immediately, and officially opened on January 30 Sale.

Vivo X60 Pro+ is positioned as the flagship of professional imaging. The quality of the processor is directly related to the overall operating speed and efficiency. Therefore, X60 Pro+ is the first to be equipped with the world’s leading Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 flagship chip. This chip uses the industry-leading 5nm process technology, Adreno 660+ Kryo 680 architecture, and the third-generation X60 5G baseband. It has breakthrough improvements in performance, 5G, camera, AI and games, which can bring users Fast and smooth experience.

In terms of manufacturing process, Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 uses the 5nm EUV FinFET process that is considered to be the leading manufacturing process for next-generation CPUs so far. It has the characteristics of strong performance, low power consumption, and faster network transmission speed. Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 is the first chip in the industry to officially adopt the Cortex-X1 super core. Its area is 2.3 times that of the A78, and its peak performance is 30% higher than that of the A78. Even single-core performance has increased by 22%. The learning ability has reached twice that of A78. The GPU graphics rendering speed of the Adreno 660 architecture has increased by 35%, and the energy efficiency has increased by 20%.

At the same time, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor also uses the integrated Snapdragon third-generation X60 5G baseband, which can greatly improve the 5G network access speed of the vivo X60 Pro+ while reducing latency. With 120Hz refresh rate + 240Hz touch sampling rate, it can effectively reduce screen image retention and shorten the touch processing time.

X60 Pro+ is equipped with the vivo Zeiss joint imaging system, which allows smartphones to achieve excellent shooting effects in extremely limited spaces. This is a comprehensive manifestation of the miniaturization, differentiation, and maximum efficiency of the optical system by vivo and Zeiss. This set of vivo Zeiss joint imaging system includes a super large lens with GN1 sensor, super wide-angle micro-head lens, professional portrait lens and super telephoto periscope lens. It has high-resolution characteristics and can improve dispersion, glare, purple fringing and ghosts. Various optical problems such as shadows. At the same time, X60 Pro+ also uses Zeiss T* coating technology, which can greatly increase the transmittance of the lens, reduce glare, and significantly improve image quality. You can get a purer and clearer picture every time you shoot.

Vivo’s previous-generation imaging flagship made it difficult to make a decision. On the one hand, the larger light output and high-pixel input brought by the ultra-large bottom, and the excellent anti-shake effect brought by the micro-pan head, users often have to struggle. This time, the X60 Pro+ fully meets these two needs of users. It is equipped with a dual main camera system: a 50-megapixel ultra-large bottom sensor + a 48-megapixel ultra-wide-angle micro-panel dual-camera combination, which not only guarantees more Excellent night shooting effects and clarity, while also bringing a more stable and wider shooting experience. This is another innovation and challenge of the vivo technical team in the use of small space.

The main camera of vivo X60 Pro+ uses a 50-megapixel GN1 sensor with a super-outsole, which has an area of 1/1.3 inches. The benefits of the super-outsole are self-evident. In addition to the greater amount of light in the same light environment, the control of noise in the dark environment is also better. With the maximum aperture of f/1.57, the vivo X60 Pro+ has excellent low-light shooting ability. X60 Pro+ continues the highly acclaimed 100 million pixel mode of the previous generation, which can ensure that the picture is still clear after zooming in, and the post-cutting and printing is more convenient.

The vivo X60 Pro+ is the industry’s first ultra-wide-angle micro-head main camera. It uses a combination of a 48-megapixel IMX598 sensor and a second-generation micro-head. It has a 14mm equivalent focal length and can achieve 114-degree ultra-wide-angle shooting without correction. With the support of the second-generation micro-head and night scene algorithm adjusted for ultra-wide-angle, you can easily shoot ultra-clear and ultra-wide-angle night scenes.

Finally, the vivo X60 Pro+ still has four-axis anti-shake, five-axis video anti-shake, full-scene super night scene, black light night vision 2.0, ultra-clear and super wide-angle night scene, super-backlit night portrait, time slow door, panoramic night scene, sports capture, movie Class-level video shooting, ultra-clear night scene video, backlight video HDR, full-scene smart imaging, ultra-clear pixel shift, old photo restoration and other functions are only to enhance the user’s photo experience.

In terms of design concept, vivo X60 Pro+ still “returns to the original”, whether it is industrial design, color design or OS design, the starting point is to “return to the original” from the inside to the outside: adopt the mid-pole sun screen and interpret it with symmetrical design Harmonious beauty; equipped with the brand-new OriginOS, visually more beautiful. In line with the aesthetic preferences of X series users, it also conveys the humanistic beauty of X series.

The camera area of the vivo X60 Pro+ adopts a two-layer stepped design. The two different materials of glass and metal are matched with each other to solve the heavy feeling of the ultra-stable micro-head and the main camera convex hull, making the entire camera module flat and flat like a cloud layer. Stretched out, it presents an extremely clean and thin visual impression, and the functional layout is clearer and more reasonable. At the same time, the Zeiss T* coating logo printed on the lens module with the silk screen process confidently demonstrates the professionalism of the X60 Pro+ image flagship, which is integrated with the humanistic feelings of the X series.

The back cover of the vivo X60 Pro+ is made of high-grade plain leather. While ensuring the wear-resistant of the mobile phone, it also has natural skin-friendly properties, which can bring a warm touch to the user. In terms of color matching, Deep Ocean Blue conveys the reliable performance and professional image of X60 Pro+, while Classic Orange pays tribute to the classic X50 Pro+.

Vivo X60 Pro+ is not only a professional imaging flagship, but also very considerate in the details of daily use: the new vivo document not only supports AI document conversion, but also supports editing functions. You can edit the font style of the document on the phone. Paragraph, review and even output to PDF, greatly improving editing efficiency. The new mutual transmission can realize the rapid transmission of files by simply scanning the code. It supports all Windows and Mac computers; at the same time, the new mutual transmission can also break the limitation of the screen. The computer can play on the phone, drag and drop files, share the clipboard, Screen editing.

Vivo X60 Pro+ also has a brand new wireless printing function, currently covering 24 mainstream and non-mainstream printer brands, supporting 4000+ models, covering common file formats, convenient setting, and fast printing with one button.

In order to match the strong performance of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, the vivo X60 Pro+ is equipped with UFS 3.1 ultra-fast flash memory. While the writing speed is increased, it greatly reduces the “slow stuttering” problem caused by memory fragmentation. When copying high-definition movies, When most running storage scenarios such as videos and large files, it can provide users with a smoother running experience.

Vivo X60 Pro+ has excellent 5G communication capabilities. In addition to covering GSM/CDMA/WCDMA calls, LTE Internet/high-rate transmission, VoLTE and video calls, 5G standby, 5G NSA/SA Internet access and other outdoor application scenarios optimization, WiFi 6 MU- MIMO technology can improve indoor communication performance, and the experience of through walls, multiplayer games, and high-speed download scenarios is even better. At the same time, the X60 series also adopts multi-mode antenna technology, side distributed antenna, and smart NR multi-antenna switching technology, so that wireless performance can be fully guaranteed.

Vivo X60 Pro+ is available on vivo official website, vivo Jingdong self-operated official flagship store, Jingdong vivo official flagship store, Tmall vivo official flagship store, vivo mobile phone Suning self-operated flagship store, Tmall Suning Tesco official flagship store, Pinduoduo, installment Online and offline channels such as Le, Vipshop, China Merchants Bank Pocket Life, Ping An Bank Pocket Mall, Bank of Communications Pay it, vivo experience store specialty stores, and vivo terminal stores have opened pre-sales. Pre-sale up to 24 installments, interest-free, plus half-year broken screen treasure and half-year extended warranty. On January 30th, vivo X60 Pro+ officially went on sale, so stay tuned.