Cross-border interaction between technology and sports: OPPO and French Open bring the first evening stadium event

2020 October 15, France, Paris 2020 French Open to • Rafa Nadal (Rafael Nadal) beat the world's top-ranked Novak Djokovic • (Novak Djokovic) unprecedented plunder The thirteenth crown came to an end. As a senior partner of the event, OPPO and Roland-Garros brought together the first night stadium event experience in the French Open's 100-year history, and invited French top star Gaël Monfils to participate in the interaction and empower the event experience with innovative technology. In addition, OPPO also held a photography exhibition at the event site and the Guangzhou Super Flagship Store to showcase the exciting moments on and off the stadium recorded by Find X2 Pro. It also organized the event director and legendary player Guy Forget to interact with young people around the world through OPPO Find X2 Pro Players make 5G video calls.

As a senior partner events, OPPO second year and Roland Garros (Roland-Garros) to work together

OPPO Overseas Chief Marketing Officer Gregor Almassy said: "From the first special experience after sunset on the clay court to communicating with young players around the world through 5G video, OPPO's cooperation with Roland-Garros this year focuses on showing the use of Technology empowers the next generation. Whether it is innovation that breaks boundaries through 5G, or the interactive lighting facilities we present on the stadium, it is the embodiment of the common values of the two parties' continuous pursuit of excellence."

OPPO ’s " Uncommon Night " event illuminates the Simonne-Mathieu Stadium

On the eve of the men's singles final, the Simonne-Mathieu stadium had been put on night makeup, only a bunch of lone lights focused on the French star Gaël Monfils. As the players plugged the Find X2 Pro mobile phones into the charging station, the 38-minute countdown began. At the same time, fans and guests who were able to visit the scene also began to enjoy a special light show. With the first serve of Monfils, well-designed interactive lighting devices are turned on. They are activated by sensors that dynamically adjust the brightness based on the player's score.

Serve the "extraordinary night" activities organized by Gaël Monfils in OPPO

Gaël Monfils shared his personal experience: “Roland-Garros had no stadium lighting equipment before. It’s always tense to finish the game before dark, and this time it’s an extraordinary night. In the interactive experience, I can slowly enjoy the clay court at night and share the beauty of this moment with the fans."

The "Uncommon Night" photos and videos taken by OPPO Find X2 Pro perfectly demonstrate the stable and clear night scene shooting capabilities of mobile phones. The newly upgraded 5G facilities on site ensure that all content can be shared in real time. It is worth mentioning that the 38-minute duration of the experience activity represents the extremely fast time required for Find X2 Pro to change from 0 to 100% full with the support of OPPO’s unique SuperVOOC charging technology.

OPPO has been committed to assisting the development of the world's top sports events, and to carry out in-depth communication with users around the world. In 2019, OPPO became another prestigious event among the four Grand Slams, Wimbledon (Wimbledon), the first sponsor from Asia in the history of more than 140 years, and the only smartphone sponsor. In addition to tennis, OPPO signed a five-year partnership with FC Barcelona last year, and started a four-year partnership with the Boston Marathon this year. In the field of e-sports, in 2019, OPPO became the first global smartphone partner of "League of Legends", and the two parties will start cooperation for up to 5 years.