Dark Horse 1MORE True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

With the help of Sony WF-1000XM3 and Apple AirPodsPro, the true wireless noise-cancelling headset market has gradually attracted more and more ordinary consumers' attention. As the niche brand of the earphone industry, 1MORE also launched its first true wireless active noise canceling headphones in 2019.

The petite shape, stylish appearance, black technology-like noise reduction level, and surging sound quality are the outstanding features of 1MORE true wireless noise reduction headphones. 1MORE True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones has won the German iF Design Award 2019 and attracted much attention. After many months, this headset finally came to the author's side, let's take a look, whether 1MORE's true wireless noise-cancelling headphones can fight.

Let's start with the charging case

1MORE True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones, as 1MORE's most flagship headset products, embodies the quality of flagship product applications everywhere. Look at the charging case first. Compared with the Apple AirPods series and the Sony WF-1000XM3, the 1MORE true wireless noise-cancelling headphones have won first in terms of material. I do not know why, two international manufacturers, Apple and Sony, will be so "saving" in the material of the charging box, and invariably choose plastic materials. Friends who have used Apple and Sony wireless noise-cancelling headphones may know that the plastic charging case is very fragile and will be scratched if you are not careful. 1MORE is different.

The charging case of 1MORE true wireless noise-cancelling headphones uses more durable metal materials. The metal material effectively avoids the occurrence of mild scratches, and is more durable and more textured, showing a strong sense of light luxury. At the same time, it feels cooler with metal material, which makes people like to play with it. In the words of an old Beijinger: "Pan him."

Good-looking and durable is one aspect, and the functionality cannot be missed. 1MORE True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones support Qi protocol wireless charging, which can be conveniently placed on the wireless charging pad to recharge its power at any time. You know, one of Apple ’s wireless charging cases will still sell for six or seven hundred yuan, and on the side of 1MORE, it is standard.

Wearing experience: "There is always one for you"

After looking at the charging case, let's talk about the actual performance of 1MORE true wireless noise-cancelling headphones.

For a good TWS noise-cancelling headset, it is worth paying attention to three dimensions: 1, wearing comfort. 2. Noise reduction performance. 3. Sound performance. The importance of these three dimensions is listed in order.

First talk about wearing comfort.

I think that for a headset, you must first wear it comfortably, and then you can consider whether the noise reduction effect or the sound quality is excellent. If you ca n’t even wear it comfortably, if you take it for a while, your ears are uncomfortable, and it ’s bitter, then the best sound quality and the strong noise reduction effect are all useless.

How to effectively improve the comfort of wearing? This comes from two aspects, one is choice, and the other is to reduce the burden.

The meaning of choice is to provide as many earplugs, earmuffs or ear hooks as possible for consumers to choose, so that consumers can try to choose the earplugs that are most suitable for them, and reduce the number of earplugs as much as possible. Coming discomfort. In this regard, 1MORE true wireless noise-cancelling headphones have really achieved a great success.

1MORE True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones are prepared with a total of 7 earphones of different sizes and materials in the package, and 4 pairs of auricle supports with different shapes for consumers to choose. Try, you can always find a match that suits you. This highlights the advantages of a large selection range.

On the other hand, burden reduction is also essential. Different from AirPodsPro's semi-in-ear wearing method, Sony WF-1000XM3 and 1MORE true wireless noise-cancelling headphones are real in-ear headphones, and the overall weight is basically borne by the ear canal. If you have tried Sony Noise Cancelling Beans, you will definitely remember its excessive weight. In order to effectively reduce weight, 1MORE chose the carbon fiber material we often see in F1 cars. The domineering red and black color of the carbon fiber material is just the embellishment of its flamboyant appearance. The true coexistence of solidity and light weight is the actual effect of the carbon fiber material. Compared with Sony, 1MORE Noise Reduction Beans is truly as thin as a cicada. When you enjoy music, sometimes you even forget its existence.

It can be said that 1MORE true wireless noise-cancelling headphones have been considered in many aspects, resulting in such a TWS headset with almost no short board on it. Its rich configuration and comprehensive consideration are amazing.

Noise reduction level of the first echelon

A comfortable first step was achieved. Next, let's talk about the noise reduction performance of 1MORE true wireless noise reduction headphones. For users who buy noise-cancelling headphones, noise reduction must be just needed, and its priority must be ranked before the sound quality.

Good noise-cancelling headphones can make the noisy environment elegant and extend the space of self. 1MORE True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones adopts three microphone integrated active noise reduction / call noise reduction technology. The scheme of active noise reduction is: feedforward microphone + backfeed microphone; the scheme of call noise reduction is: feedforward microphone + call microphone.

The headset provides two modes of active noise reduction: strong and weak, and an ambient sound mode. You can switch the mode to isolate the ambient noise to different degrees. Two high-precision MEMS microphones will pick up environmental noise in various directions respectively, and use an independent high-definition noise reduction processor to filter the noise to accurately reduce noise.

Coupled with the natural physical sound insulation effect of the in-ear headphones, 1MORE true wireless noise-cancelling headphones present a noise reduction effect that is not inferior to AirPods Pro and WF-1000XM3. No matter on the subway, airplane or other means of transportation, or in conference rooms, football stadiums and other places full of vocals, 1MORE true wireless noise-cancelling headphones can bring me satisfaction.

In particular, the negative pressure sense common to noise-cancelling headphones is not obvious on 1MORE true wireless noise-cancelling headphones, and it can even be ignored, which is very comforting, which is why I prefer 1MORE true wireless The key point of noise-cancelling headphones.

Balanced and pleasant sound performance

The noise reduction effect is satisfactory, but it is not enough. In the part of the sound quality that is often overlooked by users of noise-cancelling headphones, 1MORE shows an excellent tuning that is not inferior to Sony Dafa. 1MORE headphones have always had a "fever" gene. In addition to supporting aptX high-definition Bluetooth codec, the new noise reduction headphones are also equipped with a fever-grade iron ring dual unit, which is extremely rare in the true wireless headset market.

At the same time, 1MORE invited four Grammy award-winning sound engineers Luca Bignardi to independently adjust for different units, taking into account the full-band low-distortion and natural-balanced listening experience, as always, showing a warm and pleasant sound taste.

If AirPodsPro is like boiling water and WF-1000XM3 is like spirits, then the sound quality of 1MORE true wireless noise-cancelling headphones is like a cup of fragrant tea. The tri-band is very comfortable, not as bland as Apple, nor as the bass is too prominent. High frequency is obviously short board.

The bass part of 1MORE is solid and heavy. The mid-range vocals are not mixed, and the high-frequency is extremely clean. The layering is also good. The overall rendering is very strong, which is very suitable for listening to popular, classical and blues music.

Worry-free battery life

Finally, talk about battery life. 1MORE True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones support "15 minutes charging, 2 hours of use". With the battery box's recharge at any time, it can be used for up to 18 hours with noise reduction turned on, which fully meets the needs of long-distance flight. When the noise reduction is turned off, there is another 4 hours of battery life, up to 22 hours of use time, which is believed to meet the needs of most consumers for Bluetooth headsets.

Write at the end

In general, the 1MORE true wireless headset is a small steel cannon that is not so high-profile but steadily beats, with all indicators being average and super capable. It won't be as vulgar as Apple or polarized as Sony is. It has truly matured in the field of wireless noise reduction headphones.

The price in the early 2000s is between Sony and Apple products, and it is not expensive. It belongs to the category of cost performance. If you want to buy a true wireless noise-cancelling headset with excellent performance, comfortable wearing, good noise reduction effect and personality in the near future, 1MORE this new product deserves your attention.