deal! Vivo S6 spokesperson is Liu Haoran, released on March 31

Last week, vivo announced a blurred poster of the new spokesperson, but this still does not prevent netizens from guessing that the spokesperson is Liu Haoran. On March 23, vivo officially announced that the spokesperson for the new vivo S6 machine was Liu Haoran, confirming the speculation of netizens last week.

Liu Haoran officially debuted in 2014 with the starring movie "Beijing Love Story", and then "Detective in Chinatown", "Army of the Army", "Biography of the Demon Cat", "The Wind of the Langya List", "Kyushu Record", Many well-known film and television drama series such as "I and My Country" made Liu Haoran widely known.

In front of the public, Liu Haoran has always shown people in the image of sunshine, vitality, and daring to fight, and has been supported and sought after by young netizens. The vivo S series is positioned as a trendy mobile phone. Previous generations of products have paid great attention to selfie and appearance upgrades. They are loved by young people. It is very suitable to choose Liu Haoran as the spokesperson for the vivo S6.

In terms of products, the official has previously exposed a lot of information about the vivo S6. Vivo S6 will use the trendy gradient color matching, the back of the fuselage is a 3D curved design, looks more rounded. The back of the fuselage and the middle frame transition naturally, and the weight of the whole machine will be controlled at more than 100 grams. It is believed that it can bring excellent grip feel.

The selfie is undoubtedly the focus of the vivo S series. The vivo S6 has been upgraded and optimized for night selfies. According to the official pre-heating video, even in the dark, the hair and beard of the cat can be clearly restored in the video. I believe that this time the vivo S6 will bring us a great surprise on the night selfie.

In addition, vivo S6 will also be equipped with dual-mode 5G chips, support SA / NSA dual-mode 5G, better compatibility, performance has been greatly improved over the previous generation, and can meet the needs of more users. Combining the pricing of the previous S series, the vivo S6 may be in the price range of 2,000 to 3,000 yuan (USD $429) . Combining the excellent selfie experience and high-value body, it is more suitable for young people. On March 31, vivo S6 will be officially released, interested friends can pay attention.