Deeply cultivating the fan interest community, Hangzhou Sony store officially opened

On January 9, 2021, Sony’s seventh direct-operated store in mainland China, Hangzhou Sony Store, officially settled on the 1-2 floors of Hangzhou Hubin 88 on the bank of West Lake. The total area of the new Sony store has reached nearly 700 square meters, an open display of Sony’s more than a thousand products and solutions, including digital imaging, audio entertainment, mobile communications, games, etc., where consumers can experience and purchase Sony’s latest technology products and participate in a variety of See fans activities, enjoy professional services and after-sales, and fully experience the unique value and touch of Sony.

In an interview with the media, Takahashi Takahashi, Chairman and President of Sony China, said: “The Chinese market that took the lead out of the haze of the epidemic has always been one of Sony’s most important strategic markets in the world. The economic development of East China represented by Hangzhou has always been at the forefront of the country. Especially Hangzhou, as one of the trillion GDP cities, still achieved 1.5% economic growth under the epidemic situation. Hangzhou is currently vigorously developing new industries such as the digital economy, and has gathered the leading Internet companies in the country. The majority of Hangzhou consumption Consumers and corporate users are at the forefront of fashion and technology, and have higher requirements for product quality, experience, service and innovation. There are also many’so fans’ players who love Sony products and technology. Sony Direct Store It is the most important platform and window for Sony to be “close to people”. We hope that through first-class actual experience and service, as well as communication and communication with every consumer, we can bring them more unique Sony value and deliver surprises. And moved. In the future, we also plan to open more Sony stores in mainland China, and we welcome everyone to visit us frequently.”

The Hangzhou Sony store is the seventh direct store opened by Sony in mainland China since 2008, following the direct stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chengdu. It has inherited Sony’s consistent and concise and bright design style. Inspired by the water of the West Lake, a more technologically-attributed facade was designed. The store has set up a digital imaging experience area, personal audio experience area, game experience area, home audio and video experience area, and member activity area according to consumers’ experience needs in different scenarios, displaying and selling more than a thousand Sony’s latest products and solutions , Including the world’s first Sony 8K HDR smart LCD TV Z8H and 4K HDR smart OLED TV A8H in the Chinese market; WH-1000XM4, which has won international awards, has good noise reduction functions, and has good sound quality; high sensitivity, high imaging , A new high dynamic range video weapon-Sony full-frame mirrorless™ Alpha 7S III; Sony’s new-generation game console PS5 display; Asia’s leading high-quality Hi-Res audio equipment and service platform “Sony Selection” and so on. The “Demon Slayer: Blade” IP co-branded limited-edition Sony electronic products, which have recently set off a global boom, are also on display. There is also a Sony Service Experience Center in the store, which can provide professional after-sales and related value-added services.

For customers who come to the store for experience and members of the My Sony Club (My Sony Club), the Hangzhou Sony store will also hold a series of colorful experience activities such as new product experience exchange meetings and photography classes. Considering that Hangzhou has a large number of users in emerging industries such as the Internet and e-commerce, the directly-operated stores also plan to launch online live broadcast solutions, professional video solutions, and Vlog solutions to meet the needs of emerging Internet industries. During the operation period, the store will strictly abide by the relevant epidemic prevention requirements, take measures such as user and employee protection, temperature measurement, store disinfection, and experience product cleaning and disinfection to ensure a safe store environment as much as possible.

During the opening event, Takahashi Yang also visited the site and held a “Suo Fan Meeting” with the Suo Fans who came to the store. Everyone interacted and exchanged ideas. Mr. Takahashi said: “Suofan is one of Sony’s most precious wealth. I hope that Sony’s direct sales store will become a base camp for Suofans to gather and communicate. At the same time, it can attract more people to join the team and experience Sony’s black The unique charm of technology.”