Dell 7550 Workstation Review Professional and powerful mobile workstation

Performance and portability are often difficult to have at the same time, if you want a certain portability, but also want strong professional performance support, then a mobile workstation is a very good choice. The workstation is deeply customized according to the needs of professional workers, which can bring higher effects and is suitable for professional workers such as 3D design and process design.

Dell has launched the new Dell Precision 7550 workstation, which has strong professional performance while also ensuring portability. The specific performance can be understood through evaluation.

Configuration table

Appearance part

The size of the mobile workstation is now well controlled and will not be as heavy as before. The size of the Dell Precision 7550 workstation is narrower than that of the previous generation. The corners are rounded, and the overall design is not much different from that of an ordinary notebook.

The A side of the workstation is made of metal, which has a delicate feel and also helps to enhance the strength of the body. The main color of side A is silvery white, and the area close to the camera has been stitched in a long strip, which is more recognizable. In addition, the classic Dell Logo is not absent, and the overall simplicity is more business style.

The Dell Precision 7550 workstation measures 400×263.6×28.9mm and weighs about 3.12kg. This size has surpassed many gaming notebooks, but for a powerful workstation, such a size is relatively easy to accept and can guarantee good portability. However, the power adapter equipped with the workstation is slightly larger in size and can provide 240W power supply.

One of the reasons for the larger size of the Dell Precision 7550 workstation is that it is equipped with a large 17.3-inch screen. The left and right borders of the screen are well controlled. The upper and lower borders will be wider and the field of vision will be wider. The upper frame is equipped with a camera, with a physical sliding device, which can hide the camera, and privacy protection is more secure.

This screen has a 4K resolution (3840 x 2160), supports 100% Adobe RGB color gamut, can reach a brightness of 500 nits, and supports HDR400. It is a very high specification in the notebook. The specific screen panel model is AUO329B, which can meet the needs of professional design.

In terms of actual display effect, this screen is clear and can present rich details, and the color of the screen is real and natural. Even for design work that requires high screen fineness and color, this screen can easily meet the requirements. With the large 17.3-inch screen, the actual visual experience is very good.

The C surface of Dell Precision 7550 workstation is made of skin-like material, which is comfortable to the touch. There is enough space in the hand rest, which can play a better supporting role. The keyboard’s key stroke is 1.6mm, the key feedback is clear, the typing experience is not bad, and long-term typing will be easier. The numeric keyboard area is reserved on the right, which is very friendly to users who often need to enter numbers.

The upper right of the keyboard is equipped with a fingerprint power two-in-one button, which is convenient to use and can also ensure safety. You can also choose an independent FIPS fingerprint reader at the time of purchase, which has a larger recognition area, but the integration is not so good.

The workstation is equipped with a large-area touchpad that supports multi-finger sliding operations, and provides three physical buttons, which can easily meet most operating needs. The touchpad also supports NFC sensing.

The Dell Precision 7550 workstation has a long opening on the C side near the shaft, and the workstation’s speaker is in this area. The volume of the speakers is large enough, and there is a certain amount of bass, which can provide good sound effects. The Dell Precision 7550 workstation can be opened and closed with one hand, but cannot be opened and closed at 180 degrees.

In the interface part, the Dell Precision 7550 workstation is equipped with interfaces on the left, right, and rear. The left is equipped with two USB 3.2 Type-C interfaces, supporting Thunderbolt3.0, and a USB 3.2 Type-A interface. There is also SC smart card reader. On the right are two USB 3.2 Type-A ports (supporting Powershare), providing SD card reader and 3.5mm audio jack.

The power interface is placed at the back of the fuselage, and it is also equipped with mini DP 1.4, RJ-45 network cable interface, and HDMI 2.0 interface. Dell Precision 7550 workstation has very rich interfaces, which can already meet most of the needs.

There are no air outlets on the left and right sides of the fuselage, so there is no need to worry about hot air blowing directly on your hands. The two air outlets are placed behind the fuselage.

There is also a large-area grille at the bottom of the fuselage, which can increase the air intake and improve the heat dissipation performance. The bottom of the fuselage also has a long strip of raised foot pads, which can raise the fuselage and also help increase the air intake.

Hardware configuration: professional hardware combination, powerful performance

Dell Precision 7550 workstation adopts high-end hardware configuration, customized and optimized for professional users, and can provide professional users with more powerful and efficient performance support. The evaluation version is a combination of Intel Xeon W-10855M processor + NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 professional graphics card. These are hardware tailored for professional users.

Intel Xeon W-10855M processor adopts 14nm process, is designed with 8 cores and 16 threads, the base frequency is 2.80 GHz, the maximum turbo frequency is 5.10 GHz, it has 16MB L3 cache, TDP is 45W, integrated Intel UHD Graphics P630 graphics card, The core display performance should be similar to the Intel UHD Graphics U630 equipped with the Core processor.

NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 professional graphics graphics card uses TU104 core, has 3072 CUDA cores, is equipped with 16GB GDDR6 video memory, supports ray tracing, and can more easily deal with professional 3D graphics processing, industrial design, AI applications, VR, etc., with higher efficiency. Compared with ordinary game graphics cards, professional graphics cards can respond to complex professional needs more efficiently.

The evaluated Dell Precision 7550 workstation has a built-in 128GB DDR4 memory (4x32GB) with a frequency of 2666MHz. It is matched with Hynix M.2 512GB PCIe solid-state hard drive, which can support up to 4 solid-state hard drives with good scalability. According to actual tests, the memory performance and SSD performance of the evaluated model are very good.

In terms of performance, we conducted a running test. For the CPU part, we use Cinebench R15 and R20 benchmark software for running points.

Cinebench R15 has a multi-core score of 1830 and a single-core score of 208.

Cinebench R20 scored 3737 in multi-core and 506 in single-core.

It can be seen from the running points that the single-core and multi-core processors of the Xeon W-10855M processor are very powerful and can easily cope with high-load, multi-threaded tasks.

In the 3D Mark running test, in the Time Spy scenario, the Dell Precision 7550 workstation scored 8367 points. In the Time Spy Extreme scenario, the score is 3936 points.

From the above test, we can see that under the strong hardware blessing, the running score of Dell Precision 7550 workstation is quite outstanding, which is in line with the performance level of high-end mobile platforms. There is no pressure even when playing large games.

However, the advantage of Dell Precision 7550 workstation is obviously to handle professional work. Professional graphics card + Xeon processor, with large memory and video memory, 3D modeling rendering, industrial design, video editing and other professional tasks that require large memory can also be strongly supported.

Professional application scenario performance test

In order to more intuitively show the advantages of this workstation in professional work scenarios, we use SPECviewperf 13 software for professional performance testing. SPECviewperf 13 can test the professional graphics performance of the graphics card based on real professional application scenarios. For users who need to use this type of professional software, the test results are of great reference significance.

The test of SPECviewperf 13 was conducted at a resolution of 1900×1080, and the test included a number of different professional application scenarios. The actual test results are excellent and the test process is very smooth. Among them, the scores of catia, energy, snx and other test items can even easily exceed the desktop-level ordinary RTX2080 Super graphics card, which is also one of the great advantages of professional graphics graphics cards.

For users, using 3dsMax, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA and other professional software can get stable and powerful performance support. The graphics card driver will also be specially optimized for these professional software, which can greatly improve work efficiency. In addition, this professional graphics card also has a significant addition when using PR, DaVinci and other video editing software for editing and rendering, which can provide different degrees of acceleration effects and effectively shorten the rendering time.

Dell Precision 7550 workstation has excellent stability, Dell provides strong technical service support, etc., which can make this workstation more reliable and worry-free, which is especially important for professional users. Provide an efficient and worry-free experience.

Heat dissipation part: good performance release, low noise

In terms of heat dissipation, we use AIDA64+Geek3D FurMark software for double-bake test. Check the FPU test in the AIDA64 system stability test and set it to 1920*1080 8xMSAA in Geek3D FurMark to start the test.

After 30 minutes of baking machine test, the temperature of the fuselage is maintained very well, especially in the palm rest position, in which the temperature of the left hand rest is slightly lowered, indicating that the baking machine should have no effect on the temperature of the left hand rest, with minor changes Just the environment or measurement error. It is worth mentioning that when the workstation is in the baking machine, the fan is still kept in a relatively quiet state, and there will be no noticeable noise.

After 30 minutes of double-bake, the CPU temperature is 94 degrees, and the power consumption can be maintained at about 45W. The GPU temperature is 78 degrees and the power consumption is about 110W. It shows that in heavy usage scenarios, Dell Precision 7550 workstation can still maintain excellent performance release and provide continuous strong performance support.

The disassembly of the bottom cover of Dell Precision 7550 workstation is relatively simple, just unscrew the screws of the bottom cover. It can be seen that the radiator is huge, which can accelerate the heat dissipation. Only two pieces of memory can be seen in the picture. Since the evaluation machine is equipped with four pieces of memory, the other two pieces should be on the other side of the motherboard.

The Dell Precision 7550 workstation has 4 M.2 SSD bays and can be equipped with up to 4 SSDs at the same time. An SSD bay above the battery supports quick release. There are three SSD bays in the lower left corner, and each SSD bay is equipped with a heat sink.

to sum up

For users who need strong professional performance, workstations are a good choice. The professional performance of Dell Precision 7550 workstation can provide powerful professional performance support, large expansion space, and 4K high color gamut screen blessing, which can well meet the professional needs of 3D modeling and rendering, industrial design, video editing, etc. Greatly improve work efficiency.

Dell Precision 7550 workstation also has excellent reliability, can provide good portability, suitable for professionals with mobile office needs. If the above mentioned are your core needs, Dell Precision 7550 workstation can meet you well.