Dell introduces white xps15, exquisite and fashionable

Dell XPS is one of the most representative lightweight books, which is highly praised by global business people and content creators. Now, XPS continues to bring forth new ideas, releasing the white XPS 15, exquisite and fashionable, which is officially named frost dew white.

The excellent screen is still the place to shine. The white XPS 15 is equipped with a 16:10 narrow screen with 92.9% screen brightness and 94% P3 wide color gamut coverage and hdr400 certification. Its strength brings users more accurate colors and clearer pictures. In addition, its screen also supports physical blue light protection, eye protection without color deviation, and effective care for visual health.

For a lot of people concerned about the launch time, some foreign media revealed that this new machine will be on the market in early August, you can be ready to buy now