Design leapfrogging, C dared to be outstanding realme Realme X7 series real machine exposure

On August 24, 2020, the smart phone brand realme officially exposed the new mobile phone, a thin and light flash charging flagship Realme X7 series “C-bit color” version. In terms of color matching, a bolder color style is also adopted. The Real Me X7 series will also be officially released at 14:00 on September 1.

The most “dare” fashion design: C-bit dare to be outstanding

Realme has always been at the forefront of the industry in the adoption of Logo Design design language, integrating the classic trend element “Monogram” of luxury brands. The big LOGO design language represents Realme’s young technology trend brand attitude. In the brand new real me X7 series “C color”, the Logo Design design is iterated again. Realme integrates the brand attitude of “DARE TO LEAP” into the mobile phone design. It is realme and young people fearless, dare The spiritual resonance of daring to break through is an expression of the attitude of young people who dare to be the C position in their lives.

In terms of the back panel color, the color and gloss of the back panel of the real me X7 series “C-bit color” mobile phone is more varied. As the light rotates the body, it produces a spectral gradient and dazzling changing visual effect. This is realme for young people. A diversified individual dares to express his respect and identity.

Such a highly differentiated C-bit mobile phone with the ultimate dazzling effect is derived from the design team’s efforts of 8 months, more than 400 hours of color proofing, and five overturns. The bold leapfrogging in product design and the constant thinking about young people’s attitude towards life make the Real Me X7 series no longer a cold mobile phone in the hands of users, but a highly emotional and embodying young people’s “dare” Attitude of trendy play technology items.

The most “dare” craft: the ultra-thin 5G flagship

In terms of production process, the real me X7 series adopts the three-grain double-plating AG process on the C-bit color-three-layer texture, two-layer coating, and one-layer AG effect to achieve a triple balance of technology, texture and color, and a leapfrog technological breakthrough. Brings the ultimate experience. The customized AG effect is more in line with the current young people who do not like excessive publicity, and the texture is unique in the trend of gradual color of “similar to little difference” and “aesthetic fatigue”.

In terms of body weight reduction and thinning, the real me X7 series continues the concept of “dare” in the backplane technology, and has been upgraded from the hardware level. Compared with the previous generation product, the ultra-thin fingerprint module is 91% thinner. The screen thickness is reduced by 30%. The frame design draws on the waistline cutting of sports cars, and uses closed-loop lines with tension to highlight visual rhythm changes and show the agility of the waistline. At the same time, it is tough and neatly dividing the light-receiving surface, achieving the effect of visual thinning and enhancing the sense of toughness. It shows that young people must retain certain edges and corners, keep their original intentions and insist on the attitude of true self. The ultra-thin and thin body with attention to detail and excellent hand feeling made by “dare” make the Truewo X7 series particularly dazzling among the 2020 5G flagship products.

Realme’s product strategic planning is further clarified and continues to strengthen the leapfrog experience

Starting from the Realme V5 series, Realme has re-planned and sorted out the overall product strategy of 5G flash charging mobile phones. The TrueWo V series will take battery life as the core, positioned as a 5G popular product, equipped with a large battery configuration, and promote the popularization of 5G strong battery life flash charging mobile phones; the classic X series will focus on design leapfrogging as the core, bringing young users the same price Duan has a more surprising leapfrog experience in terms of design and flash charging.

Based on the trendy brand of technology, realme has always adhered to the brand concept of “dare to leapfrog”, and brings young users around the world with leapfrog products in terms of performance, design, quality and service in terms of performance, design, quality and service. Not only is it beautiful, the new flagship machine of the real me X7 series leads the trend of young people who dare to be C-positioned with the “dare” trendy design concept, unique originality and superb craftsmanship. The “C-bit” Realme X7 series will be officially released. For more highlights of the product, please pay attention to the realme X7 series new product launch conference held on September 1.