Digital National Treasure Support Project Vivo X Sanxingdui Museum New Year Blessing Gift Box Exposure

As a company that has always attached great importance to the inheritance of traditional culture and history, vivo has been committed to this aspect. From last year’s vivo X50 Pro+ 100 million pixels to reproduce the “A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains”, to this year’s vivo X60 Pro+ entering the Sanxingdui Museum , Vivo Digital National Treasure Assistance Program hopes to bring you a more pleasant experience and feelings. As the Spring Festival approaches, the customized version of vivo X Sanxingdui Museum’s New Year blessing gift box is officially exposed, expressing festive and peaceful blessings, but also conveying vivo’s brand concept for culture and inheritance.

This customized version of vivo X Sanxingdui Museum Chinese New Year blessing gift box is exquisitely designed, exquisite workmanship, and rich in content. In addition to the Sanxingdui sample postcard, it also has a Rubik’s cube-shaped data cable and a Sanxingdui blessing priest’s blind box. The iconic doll shape, in addition to commemorative significance, is also of high collection value.

As the protagonist who walked into Sanxingdui Museum this time, vivo X60 Pro+ played a very important role in this event. With powerful and professional imaging functions, vivo X60 Pro+ takes high-definition photography of Sanxingdui cultural relics and digitally archives them. At the same time, it produces more disseminated and influential exquisite cultural relics photos and related documentaries, which will also lead everyone to better understand Sanxingdui. culture. In the dim shooting environment of the museum, the dual-main camera system of the vivo X60 Pro+ performs well. The super-outsole and second-generation micro-head give this phone a strong night scene shooting ability.

In addition, the vivo X60 Pro+ is also equipped with the world’s leading Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 flagship chip. This chip uses the 5nm EUV FinFET process that is considered the leading manufacturing process for the next generation of CPUs. It has strong performance and power. The low-cost feature allows the vivo X60 Pro+ to have breakthrough improvements in performance, 5G, camera, AI, and games, which can bring consumers a fast and smooth experience.

In terms of configuration, taking into account the differentiated needs of different users, the vivo X60 Pro+ provides two configuration versions of 8GB+128GB and 12GB+256GB to choose from, and the prices are 4998 yuan (USD $714) and 5998 yuan (USD $857) respectively.

On January 30th, vivo X60 Pro+ will be officially launched. Users can visit vivo official website, vivo Jingdong self-operated official flagship store, Jingdong vivo official flagship store, Tmall vivo official flagship store, vivo mobile phone Suning self-operated flagship store, Tmall Suning Tesco’s official flagship store, Pinduoduo, Installment, Vipshop, China Merchants Bank Pocket Life, Ping An Bank Pocket Mall, Bank of Communications Pay it, vivo experience store specialty stores, vivo terminal stores and other online and offline channels to buy.